What changes would you expect from General Petraeus as the new NATO Commander in Afghanistan?

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hello Dear Anna.

hope that your fine
this is good qoustion, yeastar day I have Report about thay making base in afghanistan.
more peopel tell me that we dont Need for base,it means that afghan peopel dont like amrican soldjer in afghanistan.
thay can go there own county.

Hello Anna
This is Fida Mohammad from technical school
I hope that you fine and have good life
Thanks from your nice issue .we expect from general Petraeuse to prevent Afghanistan
From hostile .because Afghanistan has more enemy. if the new commander he is want to
Success in Afghanistan.1.while they want perform the operation one area they must
Not receive casualties from civilian people
2 we expect from general petr to fortify our afghan army in future they will take the security of Afghanistan
By the name of merciful Allah
Hello dear I hope you fine
Hello dear respectful Anna
Hope to be fine and doing well
We expect from general petraeus to bring positive
Changing in the Afghanistan current situation
Expected to save innocent people lives at mission
And he should ask their solder to take care as much as
Possible in the operating and we expect to avoid Americans troops from operating without afghans army
Or solder and I expect from general petraeus to service in
In the Afghanistan as an his native country
Shabeer rahimi from agriculture institute
Hello dear and respected teacher Anna
Hope you are healthy and doing well
Thanks so much from your great and interesting topic
It is a nice and important question that you add it
We hope from the commander of NATO
1-don’t kill the innocent residents of Afghanistan
2-make our national army more and support them more
3-help the weak and poor people of Afghanistan
4-remove the bribe takers leaders from their jobs
5-make our education system better
At the end once again our big wish is this from the commander to
Don’t bother and kill the innocent and sinless people of Afghanistan
If your guards continue this work then they will face with big troubles
Best regards and be happy with your family
This is SHAMS NASSARI from Abdul wakil high school
Hello dear madam Anna hope to be fine and healthy Thanks from your nice question. This man is one of the good commander for nato soldier in Afghanistan. He should take these six points to bring more facility for the afghan people 1. He hase to prevent enemy of Afghanistan from the borders. 2. He hase to prevent bilateral operation and during the operation he should do not let the NATO soldier to enter afghans homes because they may do some mistakes. 3. He hase to employ afghan soldiers for checking of homes. 4. NATO soldiers have to attention during the operation. 5. he hase to bring peace in Afghanistan and stronger our national forces for the next time 6. He hase to prevent that during the operation his forces killed civilian by doing of some mistakes. Have a long time no see Hadayat shinwari from wazeer Mohammad gull khan high school.
nice comment.
Hello dear Anna
Hope you to be fine and healthy.
We guess for General petrous the new NATO leader in Afghanistan the behind variations.
1. He must avert Afghanistan from the opponent of Afghanistan till then ,when the ANA
Convert strong.
2. He would floor the way to bring peace in Afghanistan and to crush war from
Afghanistan because each afghan like to animate in the peace.
3. He essential avoid neutrals during coercion or during attacking on Taliban or rebels.
4. He should word for education. And much more.
5. He would try to harden the .ANA 
                   Faiz Mohammad need zad from agriculture institute


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