What changes would you expect from General Petraeus as the new NATO Commander in Afghanistan?

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Dear Anna.
How are you? Wish you be the owner of best health.

Best question.

We expect for General petraeus the new NATO commander in Afghanistan the following changes.

1. He should prevent Afghanistan from the enemy of Afghanistan until the time, when the ANA become strong.
2. He should pave the way to bring peace in Afghanistan and to annihilate war from Afghanistan because each afghan like to live in the peace.
3. He must avoid civilians during oppression or during attacking on Taliban or insurgents.
4. He should work for reconstruction in Afghanistan.
5. He should try to fortify the ANA
6. He should work for education. And much more.
Wish to bring the changes.

Wish you all the best
And thanks.
Shamshad ahmadzai
From Wazeer Muhammad Gul Khan High School
HI Shamshad, thank you for your thoughtful comments. It would be wonderful if you could copy and paste them here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=16369&uid=34734118909

Thanks very much!!!
Shamshad, you should post your comments here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=16369&uid=34734118909

Sherzad Hello dear Anna I hope you will be fine.
I think the increasing of NATO troops will bring a kind of peace in Afghanistan because now a day which we see the security in Afghanistan it is all cause of these people if they wont be here than we will see the damage condition of Afghanistan I hope they will be all of the time in Afghanistan.
Have nice time. Sherzad wali Safi
Sherzad, I don't think troops will stay in Afghanistan forever... at least I hope not. Don't you think it will be better when Afghans can provide for security on their own?
Sherzad, you should post your comments here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=16369&uid=34734118909

thank you dear Anna i will try my best.
Sherzad, thank you for writing on the facebook site. But please next time, you shouldn't write to me there... it's not my site... it belongs to the embassy. But I really liked what your wrote there. GOOD JOB!!!
Hello dear respectful Anna
Hope to be fine and doing well
We expect from general petraeus to bring positive
Changing in the Afghanistan current situation
Expected to save innocent people lives at mission
And he should ask their solder to take care as much as
Possible in the operating and we expect to avoid Americans troops from operating with out afghans army
Or solder and I expect from general petraeus to service in
In the Afghanistan as an his native country

Written by hameedullah Sadat from MIA Omar high school
By the name of Allah
Hello Anna!
As we know that now a days Afghanistan needs to peace and having good security there for first of all I will expect these two issues.
Israrullah from Mia Omer H.S.
Hello dear Anna
This is Farhad from technical high school
We expect from Commander Petreaus to ensure security in Afghanistan especially in the province of Hilmand and Kandahar. If he pave the way for fortifying of Afghan national army that will be a big transformation for Afghanistan and we hope casualty will decrease with coming of him. If civilians’ casualties decrease that will be switch of him here.
Hello dear Anna

Thanks for your requirement of our comment about this important matter
In my opinion the person who select by president as a head of troops of a country
At first he should be reformist, independent, merciful, humanitarian, and about the new NATO commander he may be good for Afghanistan as I do not have more information about said guy we hope he will know own responsibility for bringing peace security toward Afghanistan and he will be benevolent and honest in his job .


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