Welcome Spring!

Spring is the season which open the door of the year, the weather gets awesome and very wonderful when the season take a place. People here in our country welcome spring with great splendor.

 As matter of fact, spring is the most pleasurable season in Afghanistan especially in Jalalabad city. In this season as it was mentioned above, every­body feels happy after the forceful cold of winter. All take interest in out­door life. The earth wears a green dress. Again it comes to life.

Furthermore, in this season the nature is kind. It gives us pleasure and joy. The trees, once more look fresh and lovely. They regain their lost leaves. the nature has got so pleasing sights, Flowers, Trees and green grasses make nature even nicer, People get going to many different places for instance, Kabul, Mazar Sharif Salang and so on………..

Consequently, many people celebrate this day as New Year and majority of the people renounce celebrating this day. In this season the climate is rainy and rain makes us to feel more comfortable than other seasons of the year. In this season in many parts of Afghanistan the people start going to school, Farmers are working hard in the field, people love to plant trees and flowers.






Extremely good



Great beauty which attracts admiration and attention






To speak about something quickly, to say



Strong, powerful



To take or get possession of something again



The ability to see



The larger number or part of something









Relaxed and free from pain


Dear all friends,

Please accept my heartfelt salutation!

I hope you are fine and doing well, where you are inside or outside of the country. May you have lips full of laughing and hearts full of loving! And I do hope spring will bring peace and prosperity to our beloved country Afghanistan. I expect this spring stop war permanently in our beloved Country Afghanistan.

Afterward, kindly please let me know your awesome point of view about the following questions          

What things about spring do you like most and least?

What’s your favorite spring memory, shortly describe it?

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Hello dear sir

I hope you are fine and doing well

Spring is the first season of the yea r we have to grow the plants in our school. Parks and homes

Spring is the season after winter and before summer. In short, I would love to say that I like spring season because it has nice and normal weather. The weather is beautiful because, the Flowers, Trees and green grasses make nature nicer.

Thank you

Adil Arman (Checknawry AYC)

Hello dear sir I hope to be fine and have a good time with your family and friends.
spring is the first season of the year in which the weather is most soft the plants are growthing will, the schools are getting start and the birds are starting to sing. people are going to pickincs and parks. the people of all over the world celebrate the first day of the year which is called the new yearday.most people like the weathere of this year and the most friutes grows in the spiring.the people grows the plants, trees and flowers in this season of the year. Most people usually be very happy in the spring there are three months in the spring which are March, April and May.

Azizullah Muftizada(Mia omar GCE/AYC Lab)


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