Welcome Spring!

Spring is the season which open the door of the year, the weather gets awesome and very wonderful when the season take a place. People here in our country welcome spring with great splendor.

 As matter of fact, spring is the most pleasurable season in Afghanistan especially in Jalalabad city. In this season as it was mentioned above, every­body feels happy after the forceful cold of winter. All take interest in out­door life. The earth wears a green dress. Again it comes to life.

Furthermore, in this season the nature is kind. It gives us pleasure and joy. The trees, once more look fresh and lovely. They regain their lost leaves. the nature has got so pleasing sights, Flowers, Trees and green grasses make nature even nicer, People get going to many different places for instance, Kabul, Mazar Sharif Salang and so on………..

Consequently, many people celebrate this day as New Year and majority of the people renounce celebrating this day. In this season the climate is rainy and rain makes us to feel more comfortable than other seasons of the year. In this season in many parts of Afghanistan the people start going to school, Farmers are working hard in the field, people love to plant trees and flowers.






Extremely good



Great beauty which attracts admiration and attention






To speak about something quickly, to say



Strong, powerful



To take or get possession of something again



The ability to see



The larger number or part of something









Relaxed and free from pain


Dear all friends,

Please accept my heartfelt salutation!

I hope you are fine and doing well, where you are inside or outside of the country. May you have lips full of laughing and hearts full of loving! And I do hope spring will bring peace and prosperity to our beloved country Afghanistan. I expect this spring stop war permanently in our beloved Country Afghanistan.

Afterward, kindly please let me know your awesome point of view about the following questions          

What things about spring do you like most and least?

What’s your favorite spring memory, shortly describe it?

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Thank you very, very much Zuhal BiBi Hajee!

That is definitely wonderful hearing and recognizing about what you like and it is worth mentioning to see your memory is an eye catching.

To take a ripe in this season sounds interesting. May you have rest of your life full of peace and pleasure?

Any how, Zulah! could you please let me know what achievement did you take last spring? 

     Hell dear teacher

Hope you will be fine and doing well, and thanks more for sharing this nice issue with us.

According to your first question, really I much love spring session  because it is time that land  is getting green in this season and I love green land. And it is a session that we can enjoy from our environment. I like to go to my province this session because kunar is special province in spring session.

According to your second question I will say that I have more good memories from spring session because spring is time that every one enjoying and everyone have pas their time in peace .

Pohan Hassanzay from nasrat 1AYC


Thank you, very much Pohan Hassanzay!

You are most welcome! I am fine thanks for asking. I would repeat your words “spring session happiness and enjoyment because it is time that land is getting green in this season and I love green land. And it is a session that we can enjoy from our environment.” It is all wonderful to read best texting Pohan!

Any how can please tell us about your future plan as you started this spring? 

thanks dear teacher

 really i have more and specials plans in this spring session ,first i am waiting for my kankor and school examinations

You are most welcome, I am very pleased to have a few word your side regarding your future plan. May you accomplished your expectations with your future plan? Anyhow, it is very good plan I really like.  


               Hello dear sir,

I hope you are good and doing well, Thanks from your nice interview that you shared with us

According to your first question, I like the weather of spring and also I like go to the picnic because in this season the natural is green and the environment is so nice for the picnic and the weather is warm and rainy.

According to your second question, I have a lot of memory from spring one of my  good memory is when I go to picnic with my friends and it is  so good for me that I past my time with my friend and I have good feeling.

Abdullah Shenwari from nasrat 1 AYC computer lab


Very nice Abdullah Shenwari, to like spring is one of the best selection. And as well to spend time in spring having all the friend around, and going to somewhere green is so awesome in my point of view.

anyway let me know Where did you go in this spring? 

Dear samim  

Year has four seasons which have various airs and the spring season often brings warm temperature and new growth. and is most of the people in the world they celebrating and gain zest form this beautiful season as well as majority of people take festivals and fairs, which take place every year  in the world and spring season prolong, flower and plants bloom and days and nights become milder as crops begin to blossom and animals also end their hibernation periods and along with birds otherwise days become longer furthermore I mostly like spring weather and every one detect fresh air and feeling happy. 

Hello dear sir

I happy that you are fine and having a great time with your family

Yeas spring is the first season of the year the weather is beautiful and nice

In this season and the nature has wonderful views flower trees and green

Grasses make nature nicer, people go sightseeing in   deferent places

Such as salang Balkh kunar etc. Spring contains three months the first day

Of this season is called New Year   and people celebrate this day

In this season the weather is rainy and rain makes us to feel more comfortable

Than other season of the year.  

Basharmal safi shaheed M arif  high school student 

Hello dear ustad”
I hope you will be fine and doing well!
I like spring season. Everyone is happy in the spring season. Because flowers is green in the spring and it is facing with fresh air. Our holiday is came in the spring season. and we are very happy.beacuse every place is green mountion and we are go to Kabul and another places for site sing we are go to zoo parks and another places for site sing and we are very happy after 2 or3 month Ramadan is cam and thy weather is very warm and we are go to beach and we are enjoy from cold water and Ramadan is finshed very well then ead is cam in ead we are very happy we are go to ghazi aman Allah khan park and we are end enjoy the small ead. Every person happy in the spring and every person looking grasses and green tree .At last I want to say some thing that is I love spring season.
Prepared by maher shinwary shaheed m arif AYC

Hello dear sir

Hope you fine and doing well

Spring is the first season of the year .people growing different plants in the different places. Such as homes, streets, village city and also in our all country. This season is very fantastic season .the is very nice in the spring season people want to going to for sighting to the park. 

Hello dear sir

I hope you are fine and healthy

Sprain is The first season of The year people go to party in This season The weather is hot and weather is cold The plants are green in this season deferent flowers is green. The fruit is most good and we need for strange in this season our responsibility is that we grow plant for a good weather my message for all people the plant and grow for peace. In This season people are happy ,improve this is good way to moue in this season we plant one Tree for future.


Yasar Omari from Checknawry AYC


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