Howdy to whom it may concern,

I hope that you have preferable moments and be secure with your noble families and friends. Today I am really glad to have an opportunity to write you a few lines about violence in schools and universities that nowadays become increased in our community.

A child’s education is the foundation from which he or she will be able to go forth out into the world and build a life. Schools play a major role in this effort, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that these places of learning would be safe havens for the children while they are preparing for adulthood. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Violence defined as the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm or deprivation. From this definition, school violence could be described to be physical attacks between students or by students on school staff, which could occur on the way to or from school/school-sponsored events, on the school building or at a school-sponsored event. School violence is a public health problem and may take the form of bullying, shooting, brawls and a host of other physical abuses. Another cause of school violence is violent media. The impact of violent television programs and video games is largely underestimated in the society. Children/ teenagers often follow their favorite television characters in action movies and this leads to learned violent behavior in schools. In addition to this, the legal system in many areas- especially third-world countries is yet to develop specific laws that will help control school violence and make it an offence punishable by the law. Having identified some major causes of school violence, it is imperative to offer solutions to this social ill. Firstly, schools should set into action strong disciplinary measures which perpetrators of the act will face, if they fail to stand by the institution’s rules and regulations. There should also be up-to-date security measures in schools and school-sponsored events, to ensure that students are properly searched and stripped of any kind of weapon before entering the building Parents/Guardians have a key role to play as they should ensure that the atmosphere at home, where the child is care for is violent-free. Parents may also seek professional advice regarding the type of video games and television programs that children should be exposed to. In conclusion the government should also update statistical data on school violence, in order to further explain to the general public about the danger. Violence in schools is a social problem with an enormous flow effect- one act of violence can activate numerous negative outcomes- hence, the community is expected to work as a whole in order to control this social ill.

Have you ever seen any violence by your eyes where you study? If yes then what happen?

How can we control this social problem as a whole?


Technical Institute AYC IT Trainer 

M Naeem Sarwari

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Hello dear Ustad,
Hope you are fine and doing well,
Ustad as we all passed the term of studentship and we all know that there were every kind of people who were coming and are coming to learn something, but most of the students are just come to get the certificate of 12th grade and they just pass time in school, actually they are scamp students who can do everything, such if a teacher doesn’t pass him in school he would be wounded by the students, even I saw on my own eyes that a teacher was stabbed by a student and the student escaped as well as I saw some students who fought with each other and stabbed each other and used pistol during the fight.
We just can have some public awareness programs for them as well they are from our families we need to control our family members, I mean our brothers, cousins and etc it really effect the other students cause most of them don’t come to school due to their fair from these scamp students.

Thank you such ever a lot Ustad Bismil.

I am on that with you. Certainly there are many students who are very keen to learn something else but unfortunately due to some naughty students they can't prolong their studies. Of course it is a good way for taking a secure control upon this social illness.

Your most welcome dear Ustad Naeem,

Yeah we all need to start this campaign from our houses to lead everyone on right path, your absolutely right that there are many students who are learning interestingly but due to those naughty students they also don't attend their classes.



Anytime. It is so nice of you dear Ezat Ustad.
Of course It is the best path through the solution and will make prevention from this social illness.

Hello dear Sir

Thank you that you shared the important issue with us
Yes, I have seen a lot of students that they are doing different crime at School
they bring knives in their pockets, also they bring unfamiliar person I mean a person
who is not student as a guest with themselves although school is not a guesthouse it is
a place of getting education then our school scouts group members don’t let them and back
them I really think managing a scout team is really important for each school in order to avoid
violence at all schools.

Ab, Haseeb Student at Wazir Mohammad Gull Khan AYC computer Lab 

Thank you dear Ab Haseeb.

You have pointed out to the great points of view and I am agree if proctors of the school will be well-arranged then probably nothing will happen inside the house and a secure management of the school can also cause good and bad. 

Hello and nice wishes to you dear sir,

wish you to have happy and great moment in your life with all .

At first let me thank you for sharing this wonderful issue with us .as we know that is a common problem in our society and most of our youths do this .we know that people are in two kinds of people ,those people who come to school and university for studying and have special goals to get and some others just come to pass time and get certificate and just make a name that they are educated .those students who don't study ,when they didn't pass the exam they warn the teachers and they fight with them even they injure them by knife and shoot them with pistol .by my opinion the only way by which we can control this problem is to have public awareness and contact with families to guide pursued their children to not do this action and obey the teachers .they damage the management of a school and most of other students due to this situation which they made at school .i haven't seen by my eyes ,but heard from others that most of boys do this action .


Khatira "Niamaty" IT Trainer in Bibizainab AYC

Well-explained Ustad Niamaty. Thank you quite a lot.

Of course most of the the students preferred to get the certificate and nothing else they want and they just only want to pass the classes and get the certificate and they don't think about the studies and other stuff.

Exactly, Public awareness will do something to make prevention. 

Hello dear Sir

Thank sir so much for shared this nice issue and this is common in government school.

It is a bad action foolish people doing this action yesterday one student  brought gun And did this action in our school I was feared from this action we must be advise to those people who doing this action why should we do this action to the front of principle Every time this action  do power  person but poor people they cannot perform this action I think big official don’t have any reply and don’t take any action about this action we also have these type of action in our school we should remove them to  our school and should arrest them to police that no one can repeat these type of action in future  and I think in past time they were not that type of action and not student can do these type of action on this period we have these type of action if government don’t take  action and these type of students will be very bad and some of students bring opium and it’s not good for students

Sayed Noorullah Nasrat 1 AYC





Thank you SayedNoorullah for the reply.

I am not agree with you dear because it is everywhere if we see even in private schools and universities students doing these kinds of actions there too. 

Would you please tell me that how can we control this problem and if you see someone doing this then what is your treatment with him?

Thank you sir so much for your response 

I mean violence and crime much more happened government school  than private school.

This is the responsibility of school principle must  assign and select some students for checking to see and carefully  check every students when they enter the school.

Sayed Noorullah nasrat 1 ayc    

You are welcome dear.

Yeah, You are right but can you tell why there are much more crime and violence happened in government schools rather than private schools?


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