Dear all,

In the past, there was a person who posted letters on long distance for telecommunication between two positions called Messenger the letter will have been receiving after one or more weeks as well as the reply posted with much more difficulties along the way in our country mean while there was not as advanced telecommunication media as today the communication couldn’t be performed clearly,
on time and well understandable, by the passage of time after Afghanistan got in to the circle of  New technology some communicative devices: Satellite, dispatch, telephone and mobile besides the social networks Facebook, Twitter, WeChat became familiar over the country that converted weeks’ period to second for telecommunication, was connecting us with the world people although was updating us for online changes over the world include all made much more facilities as telecommunication media in the country.

 But it is creating a lot of problems for 20th century Youths in our country now days, No prayers, no recitation of Holy Quran, no study and no attendance in an educational center just buy a Mobile phone with high price; charge the money to get free minutes for talking with unfamiliar girls and friends thus, activate free Internet Packages to create numbers of accounts via different names of girls for bothering girls and to keep uneducated boys busy with social networks 24 hours on the mobile phone along the way, at school, at home even in religious places which the result finally goes to Murder and lasting hostility.

Share your opinions on the question being asked below:
What needs to be done for the removal of the miss concept (talking on mobile phone)  from youths’
and new generations' mind?

Haseeb Sadat 
IT -Trainer of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan AYC 

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Hello dear sir wish you have nice time and doing well I want to say that mobile phone is nice device for communication between peoples the first thing which we must keep in our mind is that we must use mobile phone for salves of problems and we should keep ourselves from talking more in mobile phone or un advantage talking which doesn’t have means and advantage and also the since testers prove that if any one talk more in mobile phone maybe he or she got cancer so don’t talk more in mobile phone and know a days if we see everybody buy mobile phones for their kids but they don’t know about it what he see in his mobile phone and whom did he talk this is not correct way for their children these thing bring their children Destiney to the dark and future the will face with many difficulties on that time the will not have any word for talking so let’s keep our children for mobile phone and from un advantage talking to the phone ((((((((((((Imran Khan))))))))))) Shaheed, M, Arif AYC

Hello Dear Haseeb I hope you will be fine and have a good time with your family and sweet friends
One of this bad work is when we see anyone it is our job to a white them to don’t use this work because it so bad work and when everyone use this work his friends and classmates and others don’t talk with his because he is so bad man in society because he is teasing everyone in the environment.

Khyber (Sami) Mia Omer (GCE/AYC)
Hello dear brother
I hope you well be fine and have a good time.
You asked a very good question so I said that when we talk on mobile we should use from our left ear. And we should keep mobile on our left pocket
Because it’s so useful for health, if we take mobile on your right ear it will be addict you on mental problems and other we should speak on mobile when we have needed, and we don’t speak a lot on mobile without impolite speaking. And the other one not bothering from us.
Ashoqullah shaheed M Arif AYC

Hello dear sir I hope you fine healthy and feeling well and thank you for sharing a very lovely and important issue.

Today most of the younger spend their time using Mobile phones usually the chatting with every one and also spend their time by listening to songs and there are many other things that the youth doing in their Mobile thing that I want to say that this is a very worst act that the youths do. Three things that destroy the life of a person.

  1. Evil (Satan) that tries to destroy the life of human
  2. Also ourselves too
  3. And nowadays Mobile phone is destroying the life of youths too

So the answer for your questions are:

First their parents are responsible for avoiding their sons from these bad habits and give them advises about the Mobile phones that never use your Mobile phones in bad way.  

And teachers are also responsible to give advice to the youths and describe the disadvantages of Mobile phone to the youths.  In my opinion youths have to use their Mobile phones in a good way not in a bad way, in fact; Mobile phones are good for calling, alarm clock, calculator, Time and so on.

Nice wishes,

Rafiullah Student of “Ning AYC Lab”





Great Job dear Rafiullah

Truly, besides talking on Mobile phone for a long time youths use mobile phone for different other useless acts as well so in order to avoid Youths from talking on mobile phone for a long time and other disadvantages of using mobile phone Wazeer
Mohammad Gull Khan AYC computer Lab IT –trainer presented a presentation to community youths and young students of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan High School.


I would like to tell at the answer of your question that,
mobile is one of the most Improved technological devices which
is used for communication with each other, Today mobile is used for
different goals, using of mobile have either positive and Negative effects
on people especially on young generation, positive  effect can be this that
at first it is used in necessaries and we can talk with our very far living relatives
in very short time which is a big facility, also today we can use internet other social
media by mobile it is also a big facility, inside of this it has most other facilities, so inside
of positive effect and results it has negative effects and results and we can see it  because we
are conflicted with this today, if we see most young waste their times by using mobile in different ways, like using internet, face book and other social media with out necessity, and also disturbing people by unacceptable phone ring so that are the big problems of our community in this side, so It has more solution ways, the first way is family the families are obligated to don’t give mobiles to their children
in small age, and also they must to amuse their children in a legal work, do not leave them full time work less support them to study their lessons, do not give them more many because it can make him careless and also there are more other ways for solution of these problems. That were some of my opinions which I mentioned I wish to be you’re acceptable.

Thanks a lot,
Ab Haseeb student of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan AYC Computer.



Hello dear,
I hope that you are save and sound
Everything has advantages and disadvantages. For example if we judge a mobile phone it has advantages and disadvantages as well. I would like to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone . Advantages of mobile phones are
we can talk each other whether we are so far or any other last corner or this word ,we can easily communicate via mobile phones,Always in touch with the world,Full-house Entertainment in your hands,Information within reach meaning most problems solved in your palms,Education is much cheaper comparatively,
Helpful in daily chores via Alarms, Reminders, Notes, etc....
Useful in Urgency/Emergency situations,Live news feeds as soon as they happen! And some common disadvantages of mobile phones are mobile phone make people closer to you who far away from us and make far away us from people who closer to us and Always being in touch means least possible privacy in many situations,outdoor activities have diminished resulting in lower health standards in kids and teenagers,Games are addictive for kids and make them furious if not allowed to play,Tracking information is also negatively impactful in security agencies
Becomes a menace in Airplanes and such areas where noise or signal interception is dangerous and disadvantages that you mentioned most of youths are talking with their girlfriend it is just waste of time nothing else.
Parents are responsible to keep their children limit and avoid them from disadvantages of mobile phones.

Many appreciate
Tamim saadat

Hello dear brother

I hope you are fine and doing well

Mobile phone is important thing in our life because Mobile phone is great for human we can greeting with relatives by mobile phone and can have online conference with them and can converse them face to face.

And let me clear that mobile is a necessity thing in our life but we should not give them to our siblings because they would be busy on doing games, playing music …finally they will fail the exams and would not be a great personality in the future.


Adil from Checknawry AYC


Hello dear brother

I hope you are fine and doing well

One of the necessity thing in our life is mobile which we really need in our daily business to be in touch with our siblings, parents and other people to solve daily activities if face any problem.

But in early life a one is not suited to have a mobile phone because he/she will be mislead and will waste his/her time on scum.


Yasir Omari (Checknawry) AYC


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