Dear all,

In the past, there was a person who posted letters on long distance for telecommunication between two positions called Messenger the letter will have been receiving after one or more weeks as well as the reply posted with much more difficulties along the way in our country mean while there was not as advanced telecommunication media as today the communication couldn’t be performed clearly,
on time and well understandable, by the passage of time after Afghanistan got in to the circle of  New technology some communicative devices: Satellite, dispatch, telephone and mobile besides the social networks Facebook, Twitter, WeChat became familiar over the country that converted weeks’ period to second for telecommunication, was connecting us with the world people although was updating us for online changes over the world include all made much more facilities as telecommunication media in the country.

 But it is creating a lot of problems for 20th century Youths in our country now days, No prayers, no recitation of Holy Quran, no study and no attendance in an educational center just buy a Mobile phone with high price; charge the money to get free minutes for talking with unfamiliar girls and friends thus, activate free Internet Packages to create numbers of accounts via different names of girls for bothering girls and to keep uneducated boys busy with social networks 24 hours on the mobile phone along the way, at school, at home even in religious places which the result finally goes to Murder and lasting hostility.

Share your opinions on the question being asked below:
What needs to be done for the removal of the miss concept (talking on mobile phone)  from youths’
and new generations' mind?

Haseeb Sadat 
IT -Trainer of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan AYC 

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Hello Dear sir I hope that your fine, happy, healthy, feeling well and doing well. Sir your topic is really need to talk or write on it more. This is one of the Articles that is so said frequently. Before I start my sentences about your question I want to say the youths or young people of our country give me the creeps (they surprise me). It sounds hard to finish this wrong Activity. We can keep our chine up and let’s think big. First we should don’t allow them to work on mobile more. Enroll them in various kind of courses. Busy them with lessons. Make them to study hard.  If we make them to that these all cause this wrong action will gone.  In the last thanks from share such as nice share kind of Dissuasion.

Ali Ahmad

Istiqlal AYC 

Great idea, Ali Ahmad

Thanks from your nice feedback sir I hope that I don’t done or made Mistake.  The topic is important we need more Discussions. Thanks from nice feedback again.  

You Welcome, Ali
Keep on, Posting and Commenting in both Ning Web Site and Facebook Group. 

Dear Ustad Hassibullah Sadat,

      Thank you for nice and the wonderful topic being issued.

In brief words, I hope I can convey my message to you and all Resected IT trainers and youth.

To be honest, there are two best ways to discourage youth from using mobile talking:

1: Parent should avoid buying mobile to their children. 

2: school teachers should instruct all youth about all risk of mobile talking too much.

For instance, Dr. Christopher Wild, director of the WHO’s cancer research arm, called for more research into mobile phone use and brain cancer. It means talking too much in mobile is casing brain tumor I mean cancer. So, it is very good to let the youth to be aware of this magnificent risk, this would be done while our teachers are struggling and case they youth to be awake in order to be saved from this danger and noxious problem.

Furthermore, when youth figure out that talking on the mobile is full of risk or creating problems, they definitely act till, not to talk on the phone a lot or they will also learn that it is all time king, talking too much on the phone.

Alternatively, youth are known to be more defenseless and we teachers all responsible for taking an action till to save them from all risk and danger being attain through mobile talking

 ‘The challenge now is how we respond. Burying our heads in the sand is asking for trouble.’

Anyhow, I have heard that using a mobile phone for just half an hour a day could raise the risk of brain cancer by up to 40 percent, a contentious study has suggested.

If we all teachers all aware youth from the mentioned risk in my point of view it will be the way of discouraging them from overtaking on the phone.

With the best Regard,

Samim Omid Kazimi

IT trainer

Istiqlal AYC




Really, useful information dear Ustad Istiqlal Ayc

As a member of community each of us responsible to search for existing problems in the community and move to solve it therefore, to remove the miss concept of Talking on Mobile Phone from youths’ and new generations' mind WMGK /AYC conducted round discussion where there were Lab students, school students; some of community youths 
initially the IT –trainer well clarified the heading for discussion to participants then all participants one by one in turn seriously condemned the issue in their societies and shared their opinion to find solution for the problem: parents should monitor their children for routines and they should be asked for expense money paid by parents furthermore, educated people should not train uneducated people for the usage of Mobile Phone and parents should not train children how to use mobile phone were some discussed opinion for the solution.

hello dear sir i hope you are fine and have a good health, really to day world has continue to improving,

to day we have a lot of system of communication, such as mobile, computer, and a lot of another system

and the use of this system is very important for all of human because we needy for this section, 

we must give a good work for mobile, computer and another device.

thanks sir for you good and important information.

Ghulam Rasool (Abdulwakil Ayc) 

Yes, Ghulam Rasool 


A system can be developed in both right and wrong aspects
but it depends on human Education and Skills how they develop it  
as educated individuals usually develop a system to right aspect because
they have educated for the development principles and uneducated people always
develop a system to wrong aspect because they have they skill. 


Thank you so much for really very wonderful and voluble issue Ustad which you shared, as we know better that in our life everything has two sides Bad or Good but these two ways and sides related to humans that how they are going in these two options, so according to your question I would like to write According to Use of Technology, the advantages of technology include access to information, improved communication, improved entertainment, educational convenience, social networking and advancements within various industries, and Technology improves access to information. Modern technology, such as high speed Internet and mobile devices, allows users to access information with the touch of a finger. Improved communication is a benefit of technology. The invention of mobile phones, fax machines, videoconferencing equipment and computers has improved communication drastically. Another advantage of modern technology is its usefulness in the classroom and helping with education. Technology allows students to learn online and through visual lessons. But we should not forget that technology also has disadvantages, many people spend a large amount of time checking emails, sending text messages and using social media, which can become addictive. And I hope that everyone who uses technology they should be using positively.


IT Trainer of Nazo Anna AYC Lab,

Useful information, dear Nazo Ana Ayc
Would you describe prevention for disadvantages of Technology being written above in your post?

Thank you dear Ustad Haseeb for sharing a wonderful topic with us

        I am quite agree with you in this regard that the past 15-16 years were blessful for our country in information technology. especailly the government of and private sectors did many things in this regard. If we compare our country at the time of Taliban, so I think it will not necessary to say. I belive that technology is the base of life changing.

Now I am going to come to your question: dear Ustad I think you mentioned a great point, truly we are the witness of same problem in the society, our youths are very busy with new technology (Mobile phone) they try to spend their precious time social media (Facebook and many more). but they don't realize their forthcoming. So I think the families and parents are also blame in this regard. they must investigate and inspect their children. They should redirect their children to study. They must not let the children to purchase smartphone with high cost. we need a national power that (KNOWLEDGE). So if we spend the huge part of our life with Mobile technology. I think it will raise problems in the future.

Abdul Rasheed Fanakzai

Agriculture AYC IT Trainer

Truly, Ustad Abdul Rasheed

In the term of Taliban, as a student when we said to Mulla Sahib of our Mosque about today technology: in person communication on Skype Via internet, talking on Mobile phone from Miles away and more over he read these all lie even told we were coming out of Islam religion while the same Mulla Sahib is having more than one Mobile phone now days.


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