Hello my dear friends
I like cricket
Say me which kind of sport do you like?
Aimal Ghsyoor from Mia Omer high school

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Dear and sweet friend aimal ghayoor
Expect you are always well and fine
Several guys like different sports and playing, but I like
The foot ball too much because it is the king of all the sports
And as well as it is my hobby and it is an energetic and impressive playing.
Nice wishes
Abdul aziz (shoja) yours buddy.
Hello dear friend Aimal
How are you? Wish to have nicer time then this time.
Sports are very important for both male or female if some one want to have good health I suggest theme to take participate in sports that he / she like very much
For instant: I like cricket among the sport and I play cricket with my friends when I have free time.
Best wishes
From : khalid zaher student of Abdul wakil high school
Hello to all teacher and student of GCE
I hope you fine and healthy
I am Hamid Safi student of Mia Omar high school
My favorite sport is cricket.
Best wish
Hamid Safi student of Mia Omar H.S
Hello dear friend Aimal!
I hope you are fine and healthy.
My favorite sport is basketball, because it is very interesting game. How about you do you like basketball?
Best wishes.
Feroz Armani student of Abdul Wakil high school.
I am muhmmadullah fanee from Rotary High School
Sport is more useful for humans, especially young people
I like two plays one is cricket and another is football,
Now in these days I followed cricket game, and I play football in the winter
Hello dear
Sport is very important for health because of that we are enargitic and fresh minded we need for health if exarsies sport we will be healthy and I like foot ball.
Best time
Ihsan ullah rafiqi from Mia Omer high school
Hello dear friend!
This is Naqibullah student of Mia Omar high school in Jalalabad city’ Afghanistan.
Wish you fine and healthy.
Oh sport!!!
I like sport especially cricket mostly I playing cricket this is the best fun for me and also every one can do sport from every parts.
Sport is the best for health.
If a person doing sport so he will be a healthy person.
Best of luck
Hi dear
This is Deen Mohammad from Mia Omar high school
You have written good comments about sport
Sport has a lot of benefits
Sport is high the age of a person.
Sport is making us healthy.
Sport is keeping us from narcotics.
Sport is a way to strong a person
Sport is giving beauty to the person body.
I like sports which are so benefit to the person body consist of football, volleyball, cricket, hockey, baseball, basketball and anymore.
This was some comment that I have given about sports
Deen Mohammad from Mia Omar high school
Best wishes,
Hi dear Aimal!
How are you? I hope you will fine and have a nice time,
I prefer those sports, which are important and effectual for health and prevent from disease. My favorite sport that I like to play is volleyball.
Best wishes’
Mia Omer high school
Hello to all teacher and student of GCE

How are you? Hope you have a good heath; I am Amrullah kamawal from Mia Omar H.S Jalalabad city
I am student in the Mia Omar H.S on 10th grade class the follow is information about the sport please read this information


A sport consists of an everyday activity carried out with a purpose and in an environment different from everyday: for competition, enjoyment, to attain excellence, for the development of skill, or some combination of these. The difference of purpose is what characterizes sport, combined with the notion of individual (or team) skill or prowess.
Therefore jumping over a hurdle in front of thousands in an indoor arena is a sport, whereas jumping a stream during a country walk is simply an attempt to keep one's feet dry.
There are many kinds of sports, and they take up a substantial proportion of people's time, money and interest, if not as participants then as spectators.

How to understand "Sport"

Sport is a major area of human interest and activity. Large parts of our leisure time, and newspaper and TV time are given over to it.
This article approaches sport in a broadly philosophical way, and is intended to:
1. define sport,
2. to understand it through looking at the history and the development of sport, then
3. to evaluate its importance by looking at its involvement and effects in various other areas of living.
A pragmatic approach to defining "sport" is to look at the common usage of the term. A sport can be operationally defined as an activity characteristically involving :
· The exercise of an everyday physical skill recreationally, i.e. for a purpose other than its usual application in daily life.
· Conforming to a set of rules for the activity while aiming to attain excellence.
The excellence referred to above may be measured against previous benchmarks, time measurements, performance of the other team or participants, world records, etc..
Examples of skills which have become sports:
· Gladiators in Rome fought and killed for the delectation of the audience, rather than to protect the Empire:
· Yachting is the travel across water for enjoyment or competition rather than e.g. for transport or commerce:
· Running is done on a course for a fixed length of time or distance, rather than simply to catch a bus.
Physical sports use characteristics such as strength, stamina, speed, dexterity and other skills, other sports use more cerebral ,such as strategic thinking in chess.
The line between sports, games, exercise and play is certainly not clear; games are often redefined as sports when they involve particularly skilled participants, which gives them appeal to non-participants. This is especially true in the modern age, which gives much weight to the spectator aspect of sports. Similarly, play is usually understood as less purposive activity, but can become more like a game or sport as it conforms more to external rules or patterns of behaviour. Exercise is action to develop skill or ability, and may be a forerunner of both sport and games.

History of sport

The development of sport throughout history can teach us a great deal about social changes, and about the nature of sport itself.
Sport seems to involve basic human skills being developed and exercised for their own sake, in parallel with being exercised for their usefulness. This suggests that sport is probably as old as the existence of people as purposive beings, and that it was a useful way of people learning and developing, increasing their mastery of nature and the environment.
Of course, as we go further back in history the dwindling evidence makes this more difficult to support.

In end of I like football, cricket but especially I really like cricket in the free time

Best regards,
jalalabad city afghanistan
Hello dear Amrullah kamawal.
I hope you are fine and doing well.
first of all thinks from your nice information
Now we know about the hestory of sport and we understand about sport.
If some one want to be healthy He/She most do sport.
Hello to all teachers and students of GCE
Hope you fine and doing well.
This is Bismellah "Tanha" from Mia Omar High School. My idea is about sports. I like cricket very much and every Friday I play it with my best friends. And I like the cricket sports very much.


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