Hello Everyone,
As usual the AYC computer lab seeks opportunities in order to provide students with knowledge and information in terms of fostering their mindsets, improving their knowledge and personality traits. One of such opportunity is communicating with foreign students around the world especially with USA high schools’ students for the purpose to increase their knowledge about other countries students’ social activities, education system, culture, hobbies, sports and on some other significant issues.
The Skype call took place in (Shaheed M Arif Computer Lab) at 7:35 o’clock in the morning on 06 September, 2018.
Both sides were already prepared for the Skype Communication. The purpose was to get students from both sides to interact and communicate with each other for better understanding and acknowledgement each other’s ideas, perceptions and views on different issues.
The U.S. students were given the privilege to ask at the beginning and it was a very productive and sensible interaction between the two sides. AYC students also asked the U.S. students regarding diverse subjects and hopefully they received some satisfactory answers. The AYC students keenly answered the questions to the U.S. students which made them feel impressed by their great answers.
Overall, it was a beneficial and joyous opportunity to communicate with US students and learn about some life changing experiences and events from her. The skype call continued for one hour and several questions were put forth during that period.
At the end, the AYC team and students truly thanked US Students and Teachers for giving their valuable time to communicate with AYC Students. Thank you,
Now, I would love to ask you guys a question….!
1. How do you observe online communications with US Students?

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Thanks Mr.shayan: it was so fantastic and useful for the students talking face to face with USA students and exchanging their ideas and got more fun with them, We have to keep it continue in the future, it is really important for encourage, inspiring and empowering students through online communication with new technology.

Definitely, it was a very beneficial and joyous opportunity for the students and IT Trainers to communicate with the US students and learn about some life changing experiences and events from each other. Thank you ever so much, Ustad for sharing your great thoughts here. Appreciated

Dear sir, it was so interesting when, I was talking to the( US ) students, that was memorable moment for me, it was my first time  with Skype call , I learned how to talk and face with others and discus  about an issue in a group trough new technologies

I want to be member of other Skype calls in the future as well


Najmuddin Istiqlal AYC , Student

Thank you very much for having your awesome feedback here. And definitely having Skype calls with foreign students is always a great chance for AYC students to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Hi dear and wish you all the best,
Dear as i read the topic which is Skype conversation on different subjects, it’s really very awesome topics to be selected, absolutely such activities enhance the capacity of mindset of the students, empowering the intelligence and as well their courage so these sorts of routine motivate the students and show satisfactions themselves too, it’s all because struggling of AYC members that now got too much about new technology. In reality doing such activities make happy me and appreciate at all with best succeed.

You are absolutely right dear Ustad. Having Skype calls are extremely a great opportunity for AYC Students to communicate with other foreign countries students and developed their communication and English language skills. 
Thank you, for putting your beautiful comment here. Appreciated :)


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