Do you have a pet at home? A dog? A Cat? Or another animal... perhaps fish, sheep, a cow? Tell us about your pet. Does it have a name? Where does it live most of the day - inside your home or outside? How much time do you spend with your pet - do you play with it or walk it ? What fun things do you do with your pet? Do you have some pictures to share with us?

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In the name of Allah the most merciful and compassionate

Dear Anna,

I hope that you are fine and having good health and happy with your family and friends.

I don’t have pet now but two years ago I had a pigeon I kept that very well and I was protecting the pigeon in inside our home. And when I come from school I spend some time with my pigeon and pigeon is the symbol of peace as well.

Hafeezullah (Nasiri)

Istiqlal AYC

now where is your pigeon Hafeezullahnasiri

Hello dear madam Anna I don't have any pet at home because i don't like the pet and i don't love because the pets  aren't good.

Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar AYC LAB)

Hello dear Anna I hope you will be fine and have a good time

Yes I like pets but I don’t have when I see any cat, dog and etc I love with they are but some of the people hit they are and I so unhappy to see this word with this pets because I like they are.



Khyber (Sami) Mia Omer (GCE/AYC)   

why do you like the pets kyber


Hello dear, madam,

I hope your fine and have a good health,

Yes, we have a cow at home, it don’t have name, it live most of the day in outside of our home for eating some grasses, in the free time a play walk with our pet in the garden, we are given from cow milk, that is given for we are three time in one day and night milks, cow have a lot of benefits, I don’t have any pictures with it because I am busy with my studies.

Farhad rahimi

Istiqlal Ayc    

Unfortunately not ....   but I will try to find a dog and I want to play with  the dog  ...

ONE month ago  I cannot even think to have a dog in my house but when  I went to India ...

I read a story of a dog with name of hachiko . It was  a very sad story even it made me emotional , that Dog was from Japan .  and his statue is still in the Tokyo station and The dog was famous by his loyalty ..

it is long story but the thing i  like about the story  was that hachiko waited for his owner come back for more than 10 years.. and that is amazing ..

Abdullah faiz NANGAYC

Hi anna,

wishing you to be happy and fine.

I am Shahid afghan from Istiqlal high school honestly i don't have any pet or dog and we really don't like dogs or pets to be in our home and if we talk about islam it is prohibited in islam. and about cow we save cow in the village and we spend a lot of time with cows in village.and we really love them.

Shahid afghan,Istiqlal AYC


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