Do you have a pet at home? A dog? A Cat? Or another animal... perhaps fish, sheep, a cow? Tell us about your pet. Does it have a name? Where does it live most of the day - inside your home or outside? How much time do you spend with your pet - do you play with it or walk it ? What fun things do you do with your pet? Do you have some pictures to share with us?

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In the name of Allah the most merciful and compassionate

Dear Anna,

I hope that you are fine and having good health and happy with your family and friends.

I don’t have pet now but two years ago I had a pigeon I kept that very well and I was protecting the pigeon in inside our home. And when I come from school I spend some time with my pigeon and pigeon is the symbol of peace as well.

Hafeezullah (Nasiri)

Istiqlal AYC

now where is your pigeon Hafeezullahnasiri

Hello dear madam Anna I don't have any pet at home because i don't like the pet and i don't love because the pets  aren't good.

Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar AYC LAB)

Hello dear Anna I hope you will be fine and have a good time

Yes I like pets but I don’t have when I see any cat, dog and etc I love with they are but some of the people hit they are and I so unhappy to see this word with this pets because I like they are.



Khyber (Sami) Mia Omer (GCE/AYC)   

why do you like the pets kyber


Hello dear, madam,

I hope your fine and have a good health,

Yes, we have a cow at home, it don’t have name, it live most of the day in outside of our home for eating some grasses, in the free time a play walk with our pet in the garden, we are given from cow milk, that is given for we are three time in one day and night milks, cow have a lot of benefits, I don’t have any pictures with it because I am busy with my studies.

Farhad rahimi

Istiqlal Ayc    


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