Do you have a pet at home? A dog? A Cat? Or another animal... perhaps fish, sheep, a cow? Tell us about your pet. Does it have a name? Where does it live most of the day - inside your home or outside? How much time do you spend with your pet - do you play with it or walk it ? What fun things do you do with your pet? Do you have some pictures to share with us?

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Hello Anna,

While I was a child, I had very nice black dog. Cats could not dare to come to our house at that time. After 5 years my dog died. After my dog death, a group of cats found their way to our house. We have 7 cats now. There are big cats gatherings in our house from neighborhood sometimes and discussing their daily activities and problems. The cats are different color and size. They live all the day under trees and under car shed. The cats of our house love us and we love them too. The cats made our house free of mice and snakes

The come around our Kitchen where they receive their three times food. They make strange noises in some nights; the children of our house really enjoy having cats in our house. The cats are lovely. I took the attached my cats group photo on November 20 at 8 pm.. Dear students please share with us your house pets’ story along photos.


Do the cats actually live in your house? Or do they live outside, but you feed them and take care of them when they come to visit?
All seven cats live in our house, they do not go to other houses. During summers, they sleep under bushes and trees and they walk during nights, because during the days it is too hot ( 52 degree celsius). We feed all cats, we belive that cats bring prosperity and peace to house. We belive if someone hurts cats he will face alot of problems, we are even not allowed to hit cats with a piece of cotton. Cats are peaceful animal, but dogs do not like them, therefore they can not live in one place. Thanks,
Hi Almas, how are your cats doing? I'm hoping the students who are new to GCE will write about their pets, too. I'm sure they have nice stories and photos to share so please let them know. Thanks!!!
Hello dear,
This is Zahir from Mia omer GCE computer lab, I have a nice dog our my house and he can understand what I tell to him and every Friday he is going with me out side he is so quick but more strong a month a go one night our house door was remained open then all night our dog was sat in front of our door and take care of our house and it was more interesting for our family members.

Thank a lot
Zahir Mia Omer Boys high school GCE computer lab
Hello dear Anna
Hope you fine and have a nice time
This is Saddam Hussein from Tajrubawi high school, CETC computer Lab
When I was (9 years old) I had a dog there name is Tiger so I like it
When I went to the my ankle house he fight with other crazy dogs so he is dead
After that I was so unhappy and now my family doesn't let me to have a dog.
Did you dog live in the house? It's very sad when an animal dies, especially when it's still young. Didn't your dog have a leash?
Ulfat, did you read or listen to the story about Jane Goodhall? She worked with animals all her life and I think she's a remarkable woman!!

Hello dear

Hello dear Anna!
Hope to be fine and healthy. Dear I really like the you choose topic for discussion.
My mother has cat that she love her so much and every day my mother first prepare food to her cat then she eat her food and when some one run after her cat then she get sadness and does not talk us and we try to love her cat to there for she like that cat so much and when my mother does her house chores then that cat follow her and that cat is like her real friend now and they spend the time to each others and my mother cat name is Sherena means (sweetie)
Would you tell us dear Anna that you have pet in your home?
Lema nader student of Bi Bi Aisha girls' high school.

I like the name Sherena!!! And she's a beautiful cat! I will write about my pets later, ok?
Sherena is really a good name which means sweet or lovely. The cats looks strong and healthy, I think his family members feed him well. thanks Almas


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