Hello dear All

As we know, name is the factor values up or values down a personality in life cycle the much we nominate well an infant we make him/her more honorable besides, value him/her up we become valuable to them although, stocks much more kindness and love for us in his/her heart but the value level of a personality refer to family parents as much as parents well nominate their baby the much they going to make him/her honorable.  

in our country babies often have been nominating by their parents and parents don’t give the right to anybody else therefore, they should search for names in Islamic Names’ list, or request for Mulla Sahib to nominate their infant after calling pray on ears or look for educated people to select meaning full name for their babies.

because, those  babies who well have been  nominating after giving birth by Islamic names ( Rahmanullah, Abdulllah, Bi Bi Aisha and Bi Bi Amina) so on which has  regular meaning it going to has good impact on personality and fell inner happiness; proud, required to be called a lot and those babies who haven’t been well nominating  after giving birth ( Ghuncha Gull, Spin Gull, Toor, Bi Bi Gull, Karishma, Naza) so on which has no regular meaning it going to has bad impact on personality and fell inner sadness  in the future even they ashamed to answer for their names calling by someone in front of people.

In other hand, some family members insult their children via nominating different names for much more kindness or sadness in front of villagers those names caused as real name for the child in the village so the child become familiar via the name among villagers therefore, the family members are kindly required to control their sense and to nominate by real name their children in different situations as well as friend shouldn’t insulted by another friend via nominating different names to make fun in front of people.

Let’s have an exchange of opinion on the discussion:
What is the best way for Muslim’s baby nomination? 
Have you ever seen someone who ashamed for calling his/her nominated name?

Haseeb Sadat  IT –trainer of  Rotary High School AYC Computer lab.

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Hi Abdul Haseeb I think so you will be fine and healthy


The best way is to choose the Islamic name for babies

Because effect Islamic name by child

Yes we are looked some people those is ashamed by own name but UN education people do this work  

By: Muslim Ahmad from Shaheed M. Arif High School

Hello dear Ustad Sadat,

Thanks alot for sharing a nice and meaningful discussion with AYC network. Mr. Haseb I will add that you have mentioned the cruicial point releted to issue, but from my personal point of view, those people who want to bring children to world, and start a new mission in this world (having children), this is his/her responsibility to nominate them with very well and meaningful names, as we say that a child has three basic rights on parents. So chosing a best name is one of them. as you mentioned chosing a best and qualified name causes on the personality of a chaild in the future, therefore we have to nominate our children with short and encouraged names to speel well and might not be possible to broken. our children must proud on thier names, not to be samefull in society or in academic area.


Abdul Rasheed "Fanakzai"

Good Idea dear Ustad Abdul rashid
you may have seen some personalities ashamed to be called by their name in society
in fact, it is not their mistake, the mistake refer to the family parents they have gave a birth
in it has experienced, that a lot of personalities have been raising in uneducated families where parents don’t know what and how to nominate their babies even therefore, it
caused much more regrets of parents in the future.

Let us read from you, if you have seen any personality in a society ashamed to be called by its name; How?

Thank you,
Haseeb Sadat

Thanks alot for you sharing a nice topic,

some people born children but they dont care about thier names at the time, I think it will be so better to care about thier good and valuable names, and find a valuable name according to our social norms. So I proud of my parents to they have choosen a good and valuable name for me.l


Ajmal Durrani (Mia Omar AYC)

Good idea Ajmal Khan !
What if you, say something about meaning of your Name, What does Ajmal mean?  

                        first  of all i thank you asking  question  from me

some people say me the Ajmal meaning is beauty but i don't know this is right or wrong.

Hello Dear Ajmal Jan,

That's quite right, the word Ajmal has taken from arabic word JAMAL, which means cute and handsome.


Hello dear sir I hope to be fine and have a good time with your family and friends. Thanks for sharing your topic about the nomination.
Nomination is the important thing in the live of a father and mother that what they may select the name for his/her child. According to your question. A father and mother should select a name for their children a name be indent in the Islam for example. A name of the prophet, a name of hazrat Mohammad (SAW), a name of Allah.
According to your second question. No I have not seen any one that he shay on his name because every father and mother try to select an Islamic name for their children.
Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar GCE/AYC Lab)

Sorry, it is important to notice that none of human kind authorized to be nominated via a Name of Allah,because Allah is one, has no parents, has no house ...  some who can be nominated via complex name with Allah  like: Abdullah, Abdul Majid, Abdul Hamed ... 

hello dear sir. inshaAllah i will make my mistake.

Hello dear Teacher

Really, very useful information you added belonging to Babies nomination in Muslim’s society
I liked and learned a lot from your discussion

Well, in my point of view, besides, the good ways you described for Muslim’s babies’ nomination
whenever a child give a birth in a Muslim Family, the family parents in charge to refer religious scholar and ask for Tradition of Prophet (P.U.H) and his friends for nomination then, going to nominate their baby according to the tradition.

Yes, here nearby us, a villager of us nominated “Etibar Gull” when I face with him and call him “Etibar Gull” I become smile once up on a time he noticed me after I called  him “Etibar Gull” I became smile then he yelled  me and asked for my smile I replied, I become smile when I call you “Etibar Gull” because I don’t know that what does “Eitibar Gull” mean then he told me that his parents nominated him via “Etibar Gull” while he was a baby later on, I suggested him to change his name an Islamic one.

Thank a lot,
Nasratullah Student of Rotary High School AYC computer Lab

Hello dear Sir

Nice discussion you added I have gotten a lot of information about Muslim’s babies nomination
I going to share the information with my family members and villagers.

According to your first question, the best way for Muslim’s baby nomination is the way which scholars and educated people have suggested for us I mean after a baby gave a birth at 7th day its parent going to shift the baby to the nearest Mosque Mulla Sahib in order to call pray for
on its ear and select an Islamic name for their baby.

Other ways, god for bed, they going to nominate such a name by calling which he/she going to ashamed and they may not able to change it either the same with our friend “Gulla Khan” our teacher: call more  than three Times “Gulla Khan”even he ashamed to response present
although he going to be in the class.

Thanks a lot.
Shakirullah student of Rotary High School AYC computer Lab


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