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At first hope you are fine, healthy and doing well and be secure with your lovely parents and close friends. Today I am very glad that I have a useful issue which is about (Mosque) I mean Masjid. At first let me say something about the Mosque… A mosque is a Muslim place of worship, where the faithful gather to pray, participate in a community events and to exchange information which each other. Mosque in a wide range of architectural style can be found in nations all over the world, include the Masjid Al_Haram in Mecca, one of the most sacred mosques in Islam, and the stunning blue Mosque in Turkey, which was built by Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul.
A few architectural features are common to all mosques, regardless as to whether they are built in the form of Chinese pagodas or modernist edifices. A mosque always includes a mihrab, a niche in the wall which faces Mecca. The mihrab is used to orient the congregation as prayers are said, and it is often ornately decorated. Many mosques also have minibar, a pulpit, along with minarets, tall slender towers which are use to issue the call of prayers. Most mosques also have a large common area which is designed to accommodate the congregation when they gather for prayers, and mosques have Separate areas for men and women so that they can pray in peace. Commonly, a mosque also has community facilities, allowing people to use the mosque for festivals, community meetings, dinner, and other social events. Much like religious buildings in other traditions, the mosque is the hub of community life.
Many mosques are attached to the haman or public baths, and they may have generously `landscaped grounds as well. It is also common to attach a school to a mosque for the education of the community’s youth. When a mosque is especially large and designed to be uses for community function, it is known as a Jama’a, or “Great Mosque” while a smaller mosque which is used just for prayer is known as a masjid. According to Islam, the first mosque was Kaaba e sharifa, in Mecca. Some other well known mosque include the Masjid al_Aqsa in Jerusalem, the Masjid al_Nabawi in Medina, the famous mosque in India TajMahal, the great mosque of Paris, the Umayyad mosque in Syria, the Jami Ul Alfar in Sri Lanka, and the Babri mosque in India. Non-Muslims are welcomed in many mosques, as long as they are respectful. If you want to visit a mosque, wear modest, simple clothing and cover your hair if you are a woman, and prepare to remove your shoes at the door. During prayers, silence is expected so that people can concentrate.
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Hamid “Ataie” the senior student of Mia Omar high school

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Hello and best wishes to all,

Hope to be fine and doing well, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful issue with us .Masjids are the place where Muslims get to gather and they become aware from each other’s situation and problems .

In Muslim countries this is often a paid position; in other places it may rotate as an amateur volunteer position among the congregation. Although Muslims may pray in any clean place, and in any mosque, some mosques have certain cultural or national ties, or may be frequented by certain groups.


Sadia from Bibizainab AYC

Thank you so much from your nice comment and you have pointed very useful words here....


Dear brother;
I hope you are fine and have a good time with family members and friends; Thank you so much from your wonderful information that you shared with us;
A mosque (‎‎ masjid) is a place of worship for followers of Islam. There are strict and detailed requirements in Sunni jurisprudence for a place of worship to be considered a mosque, with places that do not meet these requirements regarded as musalla There are stringent restrictions on the uses of the area formally demarcated as the mosque which is often a small portion of the larger complex, and, in the Islamic sharia law, after an area is formally designated as a mosque, it remains so until the last day.
Many mosques have elaborate domes minarets and prayer halls, in varying styles of architecture. Mosques originated on the Arabian cape but are now found in all inhabited continents. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for salat as well as a center for information, education, social welfare, and dispute settlement the imam leads the congregation in prayer.
A mahrab a semicircular place in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla That is, the direction of the Kaaba in macca and hence the direction that Muslims should face when praying. The wall in which a Mahrab appears is thus the "qibla wall."
Mahrab should not be confused with the minbar which is the raised platform from which imam (leader of prayer) addresses the congregation.
Shapoor haidari from technical AYC

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A million thanks from your nice and useful information that you have added with us and i actually really happy from your meaningful information. that was very good and i really enjoyed it.

Thanks lot

Hello sir

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I Like your question so much mosque is the place of worship to Allah .

but many people talking in the mosque so its very

bad dont talking in mosque ok .

The mosque is an Islamic holy place mosque is only made

for prayer not for the other things

 Individual benefits of mosque that Allah gives us rewards and we have prayer and mystery with Allah and Allah will help us and solve our problems.

I would say thank you very much, for your nice and best discussion about place where is only worshiping is possible.

Best of luck!

thank you sir


omaid armani  commondo (checknawry AYC/GCE)

Hello Dear sir
I hope to be fine and doing well with your family
Thanks for your nice question I learn a lot of things

Mosques had been built in Iraq and North Africa by the end of the 7th century, as Islam spread outside the Arabian Peninsula with early caliphates. The Imam Husain Shrine in Karbala is reportedly one of the oldest mosques in Iraq, although its present form – typical of Persian architecture – only goes back to the 11th century. The shrine, while still operating as a mosque, remains one of the holiest sites for Shea Muslims, as it honors the death of the third Shea imam, and Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Hussein ibn Ali.[9] The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As was reportedly the first mosque in Egypt, serving as a religious and social center for Fustat (present-day Cairo) during its prime. Like the Imam Husayn Shrine, though, nothing of its original structure remains. With the later Shea Fatimid Caliphate, mosques throughout Egypt evolved to include schools known as madrasas

Hello dear brother.

I hope that you are fine and doing well with your filmy.

Thank you so much for your fantastic topic that you are shire it with us.


For many Muslim people, a mosque is more than a place of worship. Muslims worship, study and discuss Islam, and do many other things in a mosque and its compounds. In the United Kingdom, many mosques are used as community centers. They are also used to teach about Islam I want to say that mosque is a place where all Muslim gather for worshiping Near the Minbar stands a roofed niche called the Mihrab. This nook indicates the direction of the Ka'aba, the cube-shaped building in Mecca that is the most sacred site in Islam. All mosques are built facing the Ka'aba, and Muslims should always face in this direction while praying

Masiullahahmade Checknawry AYC.

In the name of Almighty Allah the most merciful and the most compassionate, who is the king of kings and the creator of creatures.

Hello dear brother I hope to be safe and sound and doing well, you shared such a good issue with us which is mentionable and very essential, first of all Masjid is the only place for worshiping Allah the almighty Masjid is the holy and good place for learning of holy Quran and learn about Islam, because in Masjid we do good actions and it is the place of good and honorable people if we see a scholars live in Masjid with few other people and they do good action always and  holy actions in Masjid Sharif, we should keep relation with good and moral people because maybe we will learn from them good and we must go to Masjid because when we do pray in Masjid it has high degree than home pray and we must invite our Muslim brothers to Masjid because the degree of Masjid is very high and the home can pray can reach to this degree easily, we must try to pray with congregation because the only thing which is mentioned in Islam several times to do pray in congregation and it has much reward to doing your pray in congregation.


Hamza Karime from Technical AYC

Hello dear sir,
I hope to you will be fine.
Masjid is very good and best place in the world because every person can entire in to masjid. Masjid is only place that, every person can do worship of Allah without of any molest of some one. I like masjid and also we are Muslims we must do our prayer five times in a day in also in masjid. We must bullied the masjids and we must do a lot of help with them. Allah like around this world that is masjids and also those people they help with the worker of masjid Allah will helps them.
Have a best time and good luck.
Thank you,

Hello dear sir!

I hope you well be fine and have a good time

Thanks so much for your nice topic about the masjid.

Masjid is the home of Allah, the Muslim peoples pray in the masjid. The masjid is an Islamic holy place in the all world.  Fortunately in the Afghanistan is more masjid to the Afghanistan people to pay the prayer. We must be five time pray in the masjid. In the masjid not talk more because the masjid is place to people pay in pray.

Thank you

M Yaseen Ameerzai Shaheed M Arif AYC lab 

Hello dear Hamid I hope you fine and healthy

Thinks a lot of your great posted masjid is the place of Allah Muslim come her prayer five times

And masjid is the home of Allah and masjid is the an Islamic holy place in the world. Afghanistan people

Always come to masjid to prayer over five times prayer her .and we are prayer in the masjid and

Masjid so good place for Muslim to stay her or prayer him. And iam prayer five times in the masjid…..

Dayan shaheed M ARIF    



Hello dear sir

How are you

First of all i want your good health i like your post

because mosque is place of Muslims worship and house of God

Muslims is very respect of mosque we prayer on the mosque

samiuallah checknawery AYC


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