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At first hope you are fine, healthy and doing well and be secure with your lovely parents and close friends. Today I am very glad that I have a useful issue which is about (Mosque) I mean Masjid. At first let me say something about the Mosque… A mosque is a Muslim place of worship, where the faithful gather to pray, participate in a community events and to exchange information which each other. Mosque in a wide range of architectural style can be found in nations all over the world, include the Masjid Al_Haram in Mecca, one of the most sacred mosques in Islam, and the stunning blue Mosque in Turkey, which was built by Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul.
A few architectural features are common to all mosques, regardless as to whether they are built in the form of Chinese pagodas or modernist edifices. A mosque always includes a mihrab, a niche in the wall which faces Mecca. The mihrab is used to orient the congregation as prayers are said, and it is often ornately decorated. Many mosques also have minibar, a pulpit, along with minarets, tall slender towers which are use to issue the call of prayers. Most mosques also have a large common area which is designed to accommodate the congregation when they gather for prayers, and mosques have Separate areas for men and women so that they can pray in peace. Commonly, a mosque also has community facilities, allowing people to use the mosque for festivals, community meetings, dinner, and other social events. Much like religious buildings in other traditions, the mosque is the hub of community life.
Many mosques are attached to the haman or public baths, and they may have generously `landscaped grounds as well. It is also common to attach a school to a mosque for the education of the community’s youth. When a mosque is especially large and designed to be uses for community function, it is known as a Jama’a, or “Great Mosque” while a smaller mosque which is used just for prayer is known as a masjid. According to Islam, the first mosque was Kaaba e sharifa, in Mecca. Some other well known mosque include the Masjid al_Aqsa in Jerusalem, the Masjid al_Nabawi in Medina, the famous mosque in India TajMahal, the great mosque of Paris, the Umayyad mosque in Syria, the Jami Ul Alfar in Sri Lanka, and the Babri mosque in India. Non-Muslims are welcomed in many mosques, as long as they are respectful. If you want to visit a mosque, wear modest, simple clothing and cover your hair if you are a woman, and prepare to remove your shoes at the door. During prayers, silence is expected so that people can concentrate.
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Hamid “Ataie” the senior student of Mia Omar high school

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Hello dear brother,
I wish you have a good time and be safe and sound with your family and friends. Thank you so much from your nice and interesting issue that you have shared with us.
Mosques are found all over the world, and often reflect the local culture, heritage, and resources of its community. Although mosque designs vary, there are some features that nearly all mosques have in common. Beyond these basic features, mosques may be large or small, simple or elegant. They may be constructed of marble, wood, mud, or other materials. They may be spread out with internal courtyards and offices, or they may consist of a simple room. In Muslim countries, the mosque may also hold educational classes such as Quran lessons, or run charitable programs such as food donations for the poor. In non-Muslim countries, the mosque may take on more of a "community center" role where people hold events, dinners, social gatherings, etc.
Mosques are found all over the world, and often reflect the local culture, heritage, and resources of as well as educational classes and study circles. The leader of a mosque is often called an Imam. Often there is a board of directors or other group that supervises the activities and funds of the mosque. Another position in the mosque is that of muezzin, who makes the call to prayer five times each day.
In Muslim countries this is often a paid position; in other places it may rotate as an amateur volunteer position among the congregation. Although Muslims may pray in any clean place, and in any mosque, some mosques have certain cultural or national ties, or may be frequented by certain groups.

Abdul Wasi Amin from Technical AYC

Hello dear brother Abdul Wasi Amin!!!

Thank you so much from your nice and useful replay here, in fact i read your information that was very meaningful for students and i wish you have also have a good time and happy moment with your friends and family...

Dear Hamid jan “Ataie” the senior student of AYC,

The mosque is an Islamic holy place. I would easily like to say that mosque is a place where all Muslim gather for worshiping. It is also a place where Muslim like to greet each other and wanted to recognize each other health. In our language is called Masject as it derived from Arabic language

Anyhow, you have texted a very nice detail about this holy place it is no need to go more in details

I would say thank you very much, for your nice and best discussion about place where is only worshiping is possible.

Best of luck!

Well-explained dear Ustad Samim!!!

A million thanks from you and from your useful replay that you have shared with us, however you have pointed the important things here...

Best of luck

In the name of almighty Allah

Aslamualikum dear all hope all save and sound. Thanks for outstanding issue.

Whatever you shared about mosque are very outstanding and meaningful our most of people goes to the mosques but don’t know about politeness of mosque. So as we have Islamic society so we should care as Muslim about all those things which Islam guides us. Mosque is the place of worshiping Allah as we know that we can worship to Allah everywhere but without this going to the mosque has more benefits one is individual benefits and another one is social benefits. By going to the mosque we can aware from one other situation and condition and we can give and get advices to each other this was the social benefits of mosque. Individual benefits of mosque that Allah gives us rewards and we have prayer and mystery with Allah and Allah will help us and solve our problems. May Allah bless on all of us and forgive us and guide us in right path and show the right way to all of us Ameen.

By respect

Basmina Momand from Bibi zainab high school

Walikom Salaam dear sister Basmina Momand,

Milliion thanks from your nice and useful replay however you mentioned very meaningful things here and i liked your replay that was very good and specially thanks from your nice and beautiful pictures these are very beautiful.

Welcome again

Hello to you dear brother ,

Hope to be fine and healthy .Thanks a lot for sharing this information about the most beautiful and holy place in all over the world . Masjid is the palace where all Muslims get together and they aware themselves from everything which is going on in the society .it is the only place where Muslims are worshiping and discussed Islamic issues . if we read Islamic history so ,we know that on that time Masjid was the place in which they discussed political issues i mean that it was like parliament and presidential palace .there are many big and modern Masjids in world.


Khatira"Niamaty" IT Trainer in Bibizainab AYC

Hello to you dear Ms, Niamaty...

Thank you so much from your nice and meaningful information that you have added with us. Your mentioned point was very useful and i got lots of meaningful words from your nice replay.

Welcome once again dear Ms, Khatira "Niamaty"

 Hello dear Brother

  wish you have a good time and be safe and  happy  with your family and friends.

will  talk  about  masjid  :  Masjid  is  an  islamic  place  we  must  respect  to 
masjid  we should not discuss any issue realted to world in Masjid without worship
of Allah
because  allah  say  something  from  shair o Allah  the  first  one  in  those  thins Masjid ,the  second  one  in  those  thing  Grave yourd  ,and  the  third  one  Quran sharif  we  must  respect  to  these things because it is our oblation. If we 
will  do  opposite  those  action  wich  are  explain  above  allah  will  send  ghazab by  us.


Thanks   a lot ,
Ismail Student of Wazeer Mohammad Gull khan AYC computer Lab

Very nice dear brother Ismail,,,,

I am very happy reading your replay here it is totally very useful and wonderful. However, Yeah you're right that Masjid is an Islamic place which Muslims have respect and do doing their prayer 5 times in a day. 

Dear bro, can you tell me that, what is the beautiful Masjid in Jalalabad City....?

Hello dear sir

Hope to be fine and healthy

 We must pray five times in a day in Mosque. Mosque should respect.msjd house of God and prayer we must today inside to clean clothes, leaving hands and feet Mosque. The mosque is an Islamic holy place. I would easily like to say that mosque is a place where all Muslim gather for worshiping. It is also a place where Muslim like to greet each other and wanted to recognize each other health. We should also not be a prayer judiciary. Prayer is the second pillar of the five issues based dh.lmwndz based religion. We must pray five times and should not be a time of our judiciary.


Thank you so much dear brother Hojatullah.

You're completely right that, we must pray five times in a day in the Masjid and we must have respect to our Masjid because Masjid is the Holy place of of Muslims and we must keep it clean.



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