What do you think this picture is about? 

I'll give you one hint... it's connected to March 14!!!

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Hello dear Anna

I really hope you are doing well and fine. I got really puzzled when I was thinking about the picture you added but eventually I got that the picture is about the Pi day because 3,1 and 4 are the three most significant of digit of π in the decimal form.

Pi Day is a holiday commemorating the mathematical constant(pi). Pi Day is celebrated on March 14.

I hope I am right of this information and thank you for adding this.

Ulfat Kazemi IT Trainer of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan High School

Yes, you're right... so how will you celebrate PI Day at your computer lab?

Hello dear Anna

Thank you for comment and reply. Well, I think there are money questions for π and as that π is equal to 3.1415..... or in trigonometry it can be equal to 180 so the questions might be very easy but for the students maybe seem puzzle or be as a riddle I mean we will make questions for the students who study in 11th or 12th grade and then we will make scoring and then for the first position A good mathematics book, for second Notebook and for third position holder a special pen. Stationary is a good material to encourage the students.

I am wondering if you could teach me how to celebrate this day? because this is our first time to celebrate pi day.

Ulfat Kazemi 


Ulfat, you can go to Google, type in Pi Day and then look for some ideas.  I'm sure you'll find some great ways to celebrate!

Thank you Dear Anna for your idea. Yeah its really good that we have to search regarding this day.

Please let me know, have you ever celebrated this day? how?


Ulfat Kazemi

Hello! Madam Anna

On 14 March is Pi day.Pi Day! The nerdy holiday celebrated by math geeks worldwide. This is the day we gather around to celebrate that amazing little (long) number, pi.

This day brings more fun to math classes around the world then anything else (second only to Math League).

Henna hmaidi shaiq

GCE bibi HawaH.S

Right, Henna.,... so how will you celebrate Pi Day at your school?

Hello! Again dear Anna

Thank you for Your replay 

I Think , I will do puzzle game with my friends and classmate's. And on 14 March pi Day! I will study extra maths and science.

Henna hamidi shaiq

GCE bibi HawaH.S 

Henna, there are other ways to celebrate Pi Day.  Do some research on the Internet and see what ideas you like and then can use at your school.

Hello! Good Morning Dear Anna

For fun I searched some thing like, I can make Pi chain. I can use 10 different colours of construction paper. Choose a different colour to represent each digit, 0 to 9. For example: 1=red, 2=blue, 3=green, 4=yellow… In that way, 3.141 would have rings of green, then red, then yellow, then red. And also my classmates don't know that what is Pi Day or when Pi Day coming, For that Am searching information about, And then am giving to my classmates. And I am very excited  for 14 March Pi Day!

Henna Hamidi Shaiq

GCE bibi HawaH.S


hello my dearAnna.
i hope you be fine and doing well.
thanks lot  for your nice issue whichyou added whit us.
on pi day i will study hard and get more infeormation from our teachers elder and ect,
on pi day i want to teach math to my classmates and i give to them informationa bout pi day
i think in pi day some of the teachers teach math to student to learn more some thing about math and also pi day,
i am javeed afghan from javeed cheknwarh high school.


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