How to write a paragraph
1. Begin with a topic sentence:
a) State what the paragraph is about (the topic)
b) Make it interesting
c) Be sure to indent.
EXAMPLE: Last winter we had a terrible storm in our village.

2. Write 3 detail sentences:
a) Each sentence should tell about the topic
b) Use good describing words and interesting action words.
Last winter we had a terrible storm in our village. We had to purchase special made candles, more food supplies, and extra firewood. While we were huddled up in our mud brick home the wind beagn to tear the roof off. Suddenly my tired old father and frightened younger brother grabbed some sturdy ropes to tie the roof down.

3. Ending sentence:
a) Restate the topic of the sentence.
b) Keep it interesting.
c) Make it a closing sentence so your reader knows that this is the end of th paragraph.
EXAMPLE: We couldn't believe how much damage this terrible storm did to our village.

1. Write an iteresting topic sentence that is indented
2. Write 3 detail sentences that are about the topic.
3. Write a closing sentence that restates the topic.

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Hello dear and kind Jack.
Thanks so much from your nice and beautiful information about how to make good paragraph I wish you fine, doing well, and have successful life with your family members and
Dear I rear your discussion it was so nice and interesting as well, I wish you add such beneficial information in the future.
Zameer Adil student of chicknawry high school, CETC computer lab.
Hi jack!
Hope you are fine and healthy.
Thanks from your nice information that you added.
This is so nice for all the students of GCE they should get something from
Your information.
From your information we can write one paragraph easily.
Hello Dear sir Jack Strelec:

you mentioned so intresting topic. we can also have five step plan for writing a good and interesting paragragh:
1:- choose topic.
2:- collect ideas.
3:- analyse your audience.
4:- apply 7 ( C ).
5:-organize your massege.

7 Cs

Thank you Mudassir Sidiqi, Tajrubawi high school CETC computer lab
hello Mudassir Sidiqi> This is a wonderful presentation. You should be a teachers.
Jack Strelec
Dear sir:

thank you so much for your motivation.
Mudassir Sidiqi, Tajrubawi high school, CETC computer lab.
Hello Mudassir Sidiqi. THank you for your kind words. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Jack Strelec
hope you fine and having great time,
nice commnet you have added thanks for such a wonderful discusstion.
And it can help us alot that how to write a paragrapgh.

Nadia Usafzai,
Bibizainab High School,
Hello Nadia Usafzai,Thank you very much. I hope you can join our project next session.
Jack Strelec
Hello dear jack
i am Hijratullah from technical high school
really benefical information and really useful for us steps can help us writting a great
Hello. Your topic is Global Warming. Please write me 3 paragraphs defining and describing the problem. That will give you a grade for Phase 1, FACE IT. Thank you.
Hello dear Jack
Wish to be fine and having good health
this is hayat ullah khan khel from Rotary High school
I give information a bout how to write paragraph
Thanks from your nice and pleasant information that you added
Dear Jack actually you gave completely information to us and we will follow them
Hello dear Jack
This is Niamat ullah Baryalai from technical Institute
Thanks Mr. Jack I thing I am agree with your idea
And it is right


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