Greetings to all members of AYC educational project desire that all is well and have nice whiles, dears few days ago I faced with some information which is really useful for us and if we apply these information in our daily life we would be the promoted family in our society, the information I was faced is “How to bring up a disciplined and good child” and would like to share with you guys if you apply these rules in your family your family would be the best and would have good and disciplined family and children, let’s take a look at those rules:

1): Teach your children the rules of the household (and those you want them to abide by): It may sound harsh but you must bring boundaries into the house and do it early because then they will be less upset when you punish them. I don't believe in slapping children, I believe in naughty-steps, scolding and the warning-warning-punishment.

2): Read: Do not start them with watching TV all day. Read them to sleep and also give them educational books that teach them to read and write themselves.

3): Be an example: Monkey see-monkey do. You should not do something that you wish your children not to do, even when they are not in your presence.

4): Teach them to be healthy and widen their tastes: Start them with fruit and vegetable and learn them to brush. You should widen their taste to different foods but don't force.

5): Love and respect: As your child gets older they want more respect and privacy but at the same time, they deep-down want your love. Learn to respect and give them a more mature love that doesn't involve kissing.

6): Never go by the saying "If you want to act like a child, I'll treat you like one": It doesn't work and only ends up with older children getting angrier.

7): Educate them: You should be asking them what they did in school today, what they enjoy and don't and especially what they find difficult.

8): Let them be themselves: Don't choose their bedroom layout for them or telling them what jobs they can't and can do, it makes them feel useless and annoyed also they are afraid they will upset you.

9): Make older siblings feel involved in the younger siblings lives: Older siblings should not be left out or be made to feel like they must be an example. Let older siblings feel involved in younger siblings being brought up.

Now your turn, share your thoughts regarding this issue.

Best Regards,


Mellad Ahmad from Checknawry AYC

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Hello dear brother

how are you

i like your question so much  i love your information  so much

i want to sher your information to every brother  and sister  when

every want to made the life of our children so we have

three  things is important  so  the three things is that



3.a good and best teachers.

these three thing is the base of our children  only mother and

father and  teachers made the life of our children.

good by brother see in the next topic


omaid armani commondo (checnawry  AYC/GCE)

Hello dear Brother,

I hope you are fine and healthy and have good day ahead.

Thank you so much for your nice information about having a disciplined child, I really liked your information regarding this issue, it is so necessary to have good and disciplined child in our life cause they should be led on right path and we should train them to help and work for people when they grew up.

For having disciplined child we need to well train them and should enroll them in school and should teach the Islamic subjects up to 7 years at home and let them to respect the elders of a family and school teachers and should give them a unique training among our family.


Yasir Omari from Checknawry AYC

I am interested to come up with the discipline and profession of the Social work in this short introductory note.
Here we need to learn the basic fundamentals of social work components.To mention these fundamentals as component are considered in racial/ethnicity, gender,population,culture and religion.
These basic fundamentals of the social work components have many problems at the social level.Many social problems can be mentioned, such as poverty,racial/ethnic discrimination and gender inequality.
Social work is a means to solve these social problems and can be considered as a discipline and profession.

Hello brother,

I wish you would be fine and healthy along with great moments of your life, I really appreciate your writing, For having a disciplined child you wrote some good steps to be fallow, I am pretty sure these steps are the most effective steps ever.

I think every child has some rights on their parent or responsible peoples, some of them in childhood and some of them whenever they grow up according to our holly religion Islam. First you have to give him a perfect and fare name because the name will affect him and will never let him to do bad activities, after that you have to learn him how to ride horse, the third one is you have to learn him how to sword and many more beside of that you have to motivate him to be educated and serve for his country and nation as well as you to try best to train them to be a polite person of his society, helping other, changing mentality is also important for them to seek.

Best regards,

Habibullah Omarkhil, Mia Omar AYC computer lab.


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