Haste Makes Waste! Decisions Made In Hurry Won’t be Helpful.

Hello dear all,

Desire all is well, once again I would like to share an informative story with you all that we should not take decisions immediately because HASTE MAKES WASTE, let’s have a look at the bellow story. Neil loves to travel and he was so fond of forests. Whenever he plans for a holiday, he would choose a place that is blessed by Mother Nature. To celebrate his son’s second birthday, he decided to stay and enjoy the celebration in woods, located at the lap of a mountain. He with his family and friends, reached the village located near the woods and had his stay in the cottage. The cottage was located at the entrance of the dense forest, where the guests can view animals roaming in the nearby place. Neil’s son saw a dog at the door and offered him a biscuit. The dog was happy and very soon the little boy befriended the dog. On second day, the birthday of the boy was celebrated grandly in the woods within beautiful nature. The dog did not leave the boy even for a minute and they both became close pals. The next day, Neil, his wife and others decided to go for hunting in the forest and arranged a babysitter to take care of the little for half a day. After 3 hours, all the elders returned to the cottage and they seemed very tired. The dog saw Neil and others, it rushed to them and licked Neil’s shoes. The cottage was open and nobody was there. Neil’s wife was shocked to see the blood stains in the dog’s mouth and she shouted. All of them thought that the dog has killed Neil’s little boy. Everyone was shocked to see the blood-spattered mouth and started to lash the dog. The dog screamed in pain. Neil hit the dog with his gun and it was wounded badly. Hearing the dog’s screaming noise, the babysitter rushed to the entrance with Neil’s son. They were all speechless and inquired what happened to the dog and why blood stains in the dog’s mouth was? The babysitter told that the boy was about to get attacked by a wolf which roamed around the house, but luckily it was killed by the dog. She showed the dead wolf to them. They felt so bad and offered first aid to the wounded dog.

Let’s have your ideas about the moral of this story.


Ezatullah Bismil

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Hello Dear Respectable Teacher,

Hope you are fine and doing well,

Infect, as you mentioned that haste makes waste suddenly take us to the events that people can do when they don’t think and suddenly take step, which sometime pay to cost. We should not take a step in hurry and in angry immediately. We ought to have a discussion with a friend or aged people when to do something because in discussion a fault may come out. You have mentioned a good story here.

        I  want to mention one of my story that, my father told me that I will buy a good quality cell phone for you but told him that I want to buy a cell phone right now, then I bought that phone which lost only for a month, so haste makes waste.


              Sirajulhaq safi Shaheeed M Arif AYC


Dear Sirajulhaq,

Thanks for your nice comment and words, it is really appreciated, dear we should not take decision in immediately cause the result won't be good and we wont be satisfied we should take decision with cool mind and should have sometimes to examine its both sides negative and positive.


Asalam u alikum dear sir
Desire you are fine and healthy
Dear sir thanks a lot for sharing this nice and beautiful story with us I really like this story and I learn many things from this story
According to your speak sir hurry decision is not helpful for everyone and also its not benefit for us and we should not decide immediately something or someone.
Before deciding we should think about that person or thing then we decide it
And that boy was so lucky to have a friend like that dog it show the honesty of animals
The most important thing in human being is honest and we should be honest with everyone.
Thanks again dear sir for sharing
Manijahamdard from bibizainab high school.

Walaikum Asalam dear,

Dear Manija, Thanks for your amazing and beneficial words, yeah dear taking decision immediately is not fruitful because it will make us to feel regret, therefore before doing everything and taking decision we should deliberate with our elders, friends or family members to well discuss the matter and should take a good decision and to study the both sides of doing of something negative and positive then should take a step toward,

Have you ever taken any decision immediately what was the result and how did you feel?


At first let me thank you for bringing up a very crucial issue that we have to give it place in our mind.

I am agree haste makes waste, whenever we want to do something we must use our mind so that we will have good results of it but when we do something immediately we usually do it according to our emotions not our mind so that’s why most of the time we face bad and sometimes really bad results.  Whenever we take a decision we must use our mind and keep our emotions away of our decision and also we must consult with the people around us so it will surely help us to decide the best.

Dear Fazal,

Thank you so much for your nice comment, dear your right we should be so positive and shouldn't take any decision immediately, first we should share it with our elders and then should take step toward and the result will be helpful and we would be satisfied.

Have you ever taken any decision immediately what was the result and how did you feel?


In the name of most kind and compassion almighty Allah

Asalamualikum dear all hope all of you lash and flash. Thanks a lot from your meaningful and effective story.

So sad I read all story it was so meaningful but very heartbreaking. It makes me very depressing. Yes it is completely right that haste makes waste most of our people do everything without thinking so that is the reason that their works and hard working don’t get a good conclusion. As thinking in every work don’t have any smash up and hurt so this is important that we should do our even small task with thinking .in every task and work we should think a lot or we should get advice of others especially advise of those people on whom we believe a lot that they can give us a good idea. If we can’t think so then it is so important to share our problems or plans with others for finding a solution or a way. most of the time it also happen to me whatever I done without thinking and getting advices then I become so regret after that. I am so complicated when I chose something by my opinion after that I become disappointed and when someone else selects any thing for me then I ignore also so now no one dare to select something for me and when all like something then I like it also. So this is a bad habit I want to change it but I can’t,  I will try my best to change my habit because I know this is not a good habit. So making decision in hurry not have a good conclusion so haste makes wastes.

Thanks a lot

Basmina Momand from Bibi Zainab high school


Dear Basmina,

Thanks for your nice comment regarding the issue, it is appreciated dear as the story is so meaningful and we must learn and follow it in our life and should not take any decision in hurry cause the result won't be satisfied and we will regret therefore we all need to take a decision with cool mind and it will be better to discus the issue with our elders and friends then should go ahead with our plan.

You are doing great to reform your that kind of excused habit and try your best cause nothing is impossible in this world but needs a little bit struggles and hard work.


Asalam u Alikom ustad,

Wish you have best moment in your life and be happy and healthy. at first let me thank you for sharing this outstanding story with us .this story had a very important message for us if we read carefully and think about it deeply .if we do something without searching and trying to find the truth so ,diffidently we face with big problems which we can’t handle it again .if we feel worry about something and want to finish it soon we will lose our morale and control then everything will go in apposite site of our thinking .before doing or saying something we must  assured  ourselves then take an action or say some thing .


Khatira “Niamaty” IT Trainer in Bibizainab AYC

Waliakum Salam dear Ustad,

Thank you so much dear ustad for your nice words about the mentioned issue, your absolutely right that without understanding the fact and truth we should not take decision because the result won't be satisfied we need to think twice then say that word and should take decision.



Hallo Dear sir
I hope you are fine and healthy
This story was an interesting because when a person does some thing first he should think about it then should something cause if we take any decision in hurry it will really upset us.
Therefore I would like to say that doing something is good to think twice and take a practical step to be satisfied from the result of it and will be successful.
Adil from Checknawry AYC
Hello dear sir,
I hope you fine and doing will,
First I want thank to my teacher a lot because of his very good story thank you a lot sir,
Sir, On that story we learned when something happens in our life so we should not take immediately decision first we see our inside or all home or other place then we should take decision On my opinion if we take immediately decision maybe after that we feel a lot of sadness and later just think what That's what happened why I did like that or something other. So I request to my entire brothers sisters when you saw something on your eyes then take discussion or you sure 100 percent then not with out something.
Naseer Sayed from Checknawry AYC


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