Take a look at the Google logo today and let me know what it's all about.  Thanks a lot!!

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Well at first once again i would like to thank of you for shared such awesome news, because i just lost it my father i love my father and i will do it forever, 17 june is the day of celebrating of father, we love with our father and we give him due repsect, but now we don't have him so we have much respect in our heart for him,

And also we did celebrate the day of 17 with a great pomp, we did talk about this in our lab and also there were more students with us...

Thanks a lot

nasratullah jabarkil from F.E.L.C

Hello Madam Anna

wish you fine and have nice time with your family and friends 

thanks from your nice and interesting discussion according to 

your topic at first thanks from making so good and respectful 

issue so i will say you that i looked on Google page 17of June

is the international day of father and we have also celebrated

this day and we should endeavor to get relief for our parents to 

have bright forthcoming by the blessing of our parents to become 

litterated and educated personality in the community to serve our

country and the meek residents of our country and compatriots

and at last Happy father's day to every father of the world   


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