Take a look at the Google logo today and let me know what it's all about.  Thanks a lot!!

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Well at first once again i would like to thank of you for shared such awesome news, because i just lost it my father i love my father and i will do it forever, 17 june is the day of celebrating of father, we love with our father and we give him due repsect, but now we don't have him so we have much respect in our heart for him,

And also we did celebrate the day of 17 with a great pomp, we did talk about this in our lab and also there were more students with us...

Thanks a lot

Zainullah khan Amiri from Abdul wakil high school

hello Madam Anna ! hope you fine and doing well, yeah we take a looked to google and their the father day was celebrating their, thanks from google team, we also have a plane to celebrate the day of father in our lab.


irfan khan safi from Abdul wakil high school .

Hello dear Anna I hope to be fine and doing well

Yeah I have looked Google logo and their was celebration of father day.

In Some country people celebrate the father’s day but there in our country people don’t 

Celebrate the father day because in our religion it is not admissible to celebrate the father day 


M. Bariz Elham Abdul Wakil High School

Hello madam Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks for added such a nice issue. Yes that is great I saw in Google about 17 June 17, 2012 there is mentioned international father’s day this the special day for that we celebrate the father’s day and I am very happy to celebrate father’s day to gathers of my in GCE lab and I would like to spread my thoughts with all of my classmate, I hope when the students get home they must congratulate the father’s day to their fathers.

Once again thank you from Madam Anna to aware us.

Omid From Abdul Wakil H,S

Hell dear Anna I hope to be fine and covering of the health of the cloth.
Thanks a lot for your really important issue which you share with us I have cheeked Google Logo and here was celebration of father day and It is really necessary for all people to take a part in this celebration because If we celebrate father day from one hand we will complete the rights of our fathers and our fathers will be happy from us and from other hand we will get chance to spend a short time with all members of our family
Thanks a lot
Akbar Israr from Abdul Wakil high school.

Hello dear Anna

i hope you be fine and healthy with your daily activity

thanks to share such a nice news with as we search in google and see there is a father day on june 17 up to now i  dont know that at june 17 is the day of  father  becouse  i am the new students of gce now i got that gce celebrate this day i realy thanks  i say congratulation to may father according to this day and then i say congaratulation to all the people who are father

i love my father becouse father do many things for thier children do hard work for the future of them

father make education facilty /food/ clothes /and many other so then i say to all the people to respect thier father


zabihullah amarkhel from abdul wakil h/s

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well. on 17th june its father day and i wish happy fathers day 

my respected father and all fathers who are really helping their children in every condation of life.

father is a person who always struggling for the good future of their kids who prepared the life facilities for their family and kids.

i love my father so much he is so good man and he always persuade me to study for having good future.

thank you

Basmina from bibi zainab high school

In the name of almighty Allah who is the most kind and donor

Hello to all GCE members hope you all are fine and doing well

Actually it = with the Father Internationale Day its really wonderful day that now a days we have An Internationale Day Of Father in this day as I think peoples around the world are honoring there fathers and they are respecting there Fathers its really good idea that some relatives are fare from their parents on this day they are reminding that I should go and make may Father and Mother happy and have some unbelievable moments with your parents so there for its really wonderful day we should celebrate this day by more happiness

                    {~~~~~~~~~~"Happy Fathers Day To All Fathers!"~~~~~~~~~~~}

Sifatullah "Rahmanzai" From Abdul Wakil H.S Lab

 Hello Madam Anna

wish you fine and have nice time with your family and friends 

thanks from your nice and interesting discussion according to 

your topic at first thanks from making so good and respectful 

issue so i will say you that i looked on Google page 17of June

is the international day of father and we have also celebrated

this day and i and members of my family made some presents

to my father and he became so delight from us and he toled us

that respects your parents undoubtedly paradise is bellow feet 

of parents so we should endeavor to get relief for our parents to 

have bright forthcoming by the blessing of our parents to become 

litterated and educated personality in the community to serve our

country and the meek residents of our country and compatriots

and at last Happy father's day to every father of the world   

best wishes

Tamim shairzay from Abdul Wakil high school 

In the name of Allah.
Hello dear Anna I hope you be fine and doing well in every time of life. The issue you which you point out is very important issue I looked the Google and search about (June 17) and found the June 17 this day is the day of father that’s great and I like and love my father and we also celebrate father’s day in our LEB
Zaheer from Abdul Wakil high school

In the name of Allah
Hello Madam Anna! Hope you fine and doing well, Yeah I have looked Google logo and their was celebration of father day some country celebrity this day and we also celebrity this day It is really necessary for all people to take a part in this celebration because if a boy successful in life the behind of success is hands of his father hands every one must celebrity this day for hipping of his father.
Samsor student of Abdul wakil H/S

In the name of Allah who is most benificent and most merciful

Hello dear madam

Hope you are safe and sound and having best time

Thinks for shared of such a nice and interesting issue.Google on June 17 is the day of father which we celebrat every year and in this year we also  hold a conferrence inside our school in GCEPE computer lab,this conferrence start with recitation of a part of Holly Quran and then our teacher and and after teacher our other classmates talked a bout the position  and importance of father in the home and society and pay attention  us to our responsibilities which we have against our parents and society .As you know, father is like the president  , as the president of country done lots of work for improvment of country and let that resident life in a sound area and provide all facilities to them also the father provide all these facilitiesto his child .there for the celebrating of this day is very   important .

                                 Thanks a lot

Sadam Hussain Safi from Abdul Wakil H.s.


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