I haven't seen much discussion about what's going on in Egypt and wonder if you are following the news.  If so, what do you think about the people protesting and do you think the military did the right thing about taking over the government until there are new elections so people elect a new government? 

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Greeting dear Anna

Wish you the best moments

This is Aisha Afghan student of Alaie high school

at the opening I am very thanking from you for sharing this news with us actually this subject is about this that at first they elect morsi and know they are protesting against him in reality this is important that when they were selecting hem so they should first think more about him that is this person would be perfect for our county to lead this as well would he be able to answer all our wishes so by seeing his feedback they should got decision and then select him so today they would not do protest against him.


Best of luck

Hello to all
Hope to be fine and doing well
I appreciate it that you add this kind of nice issues for afghan students especially for the students of AYC,
I wholeheartedly want to discuss the home affairs of every country but now you give me chance to say a few words about Egypt,
As long as I know it is clear for all that what is the main problem in Egypt but then too I want to share some information about the interior affairs of Egypt,
The residents of Egypt are not happy from the current president therefore they commit illegal activities and demonstration in all Egypt,
I do not know that who is blame the government of Egypt or residents,
Now I would like to say something about your questions,
The mission of military forces is to protect from the people and the military forces do that whatever the high level authorities tell them so I mean the military forces are honestly defend from their country,
This is the responsibilities of military forces to provide peace in all Egypt in order to have clear elections in Egypt and in that case the people of Egypt will be able to select the new or coming president.
Best wishes,

Gharshin from W.M.G.K AYC computer lab

Hi dear,

Thanks for sharing such a nice issue. Correctly, from a few days we hear from local radios and televisions about the situation of Egypt that there the current situation is very dangerous and faced with a big crime, first when I heard these about the Egypt I became very unhappy about it, because this is the big difficult time by a country, when a country faces with internal wars that country can’t do improvement.

In my view if they find problem from a president for a country it’s the right of people to do demonstrations opposite him, but at this situation it wasn’t a good work from the people of Egypt because their elections are near to start and in my view it will bring a lot of fights and miseries for their country.

We hope they will soon finish these adversities and fights in Egypt, and we hope that people of Egypt will try to bring security in their country.

Ghazi Abid Nasrat AYC.      

Hello to all,
Hope to be fine and doing well,
Thanks from you to share a good issue with us,
I don’t know a lot of about Egypt but I know about election, my message for all Egypt people don’t be agree a traitor man who desolate your country. Select a honestly person who make yours country, agree with honestly person who know about how can I make my country.
Best regards,
Waqas hamderdzai from Ning AYC lab.

Hello Madam Anna,

I hope you are fine and having a good time with your family and friends.

Thanks ever such a lot for sharing such a nice and interesting issue about the situation of Egypt.

Nowadays the situation of the Egypt doesn’t seem well, because there are many different political parties in Egypt and each one of them want to get high post in to the government of Egypt and every one works for themselves, and I think Mohammad Morsi is the best president of the Egypt because he performed to the relationship with Islamic countries and I think they have elected the other prime minister for the temporary time, and I hope they will elect a person who will help the people of the Egypt and build their country and take the security of their peoples in the upcoming elections.

Best Wishes,



Hello Ms. Anna,

I wish you are fine and feeling well. Thanks for adding this important issue.

The situation of Egypt doesn’t seem better nowadays, because there are many political parties in Egypt and each of them want to get high posts in the government of Egypt. They say they have elected temporary president and want to launch new elections soon. But in my point of view Mohammad Morsi was the best president in Egypt, because he let Philistines to come Egypt without visa and perform work. But before him Hosni Mobark was the president of Egypt but in that time there wasn’t any kind of permission for those people to move to Egypt, and with that Mohammad Morsi has done many other great tasks for the Muslims. In I think if he isthe president of Egypt it would be very good for Egyptians.    

Hello dear Anna,

As for as I know the president of Egypt had built a regime through violence, arbitrary detention and repression. He and his supporter deny the Egyptian people basic rights and freedom. You know freedom is as important as food.   Life without freedoms doesn’t have any meaning.   And Egyptians want freedom and beside this Morsi had made new constitution for the Egypt. Now Egyptians want to remove the president Morsi and select a temporary leader. And now military have taken control. Because military has warned once but he rejected and military fired him from his position and another person was elected by the military to lead the country temporary.

Sanaullah from Nasrat AYC com lab      

Hello dear Anna

I hope your fine and having a nice time.

About fifteen days ago Morse was the president of Egypt that he was removed from the presidency by the people of Egypt against him and the military after that the authorized of Egypt especially national army of this country elect temporary chief of judge such as Adli Mansoor for the government of Egypt after that the people of this country have risen to this action there are a lot of parties among the different parties create anarchy the during that almost 50 guys killed and this anarchy is going on so the international society reintegrates this important issue but the important point of this such as the ministry of defense don’t do referendums with people of Egypt this was the biggest mistake of the mentioned force also solving way of that issue they should again launch free election for the people.  

Best wishes,

Ihsanullah Hemat from Nasrat AYC/GCE

Hello Anna,

I hope your fine and doing well.

Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice issue, in my view the demonstrations of Egypt people and government are very dangerous for their country because if a country has situation like this I thank it will bring big miseries and adversities for their   People, government and for their future. The Egypt people must try best to bring a good government and without war and fighting situation because if they prolong to their kind of demonstrations they will face their life with a big problem.

Zarif zaheer from Nasrat AYC

Hello dear Madam Anna!

Wish you are fine and healthy;

Thank you so much from your nice news about the Egypt election.

Dear madam regarding to your question I would like to say that selecting of a leader is the right of people if the people want to do the election again in order to select another person so it is their right I am totally agree with them.


Mahreen Salih Nasrat two IT trainer.


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