Dear all
we have been discussing on different tittles though have been finding solutions for different problems via sharing point of views  this time we are going to talk based on
the important heading which most  afghan societies are facing now days
education  has been getting for making personalities, also creativities and new discoveries as well as for developments, free life with beyond belief life achievements by humanitarian while it is getting as an obligation and hire positions against each other higher include earning money by afghans now days   besides all, it was running as a business by them the rich man son with low level of talent has been holding the first position in the class at high school then poor man son with high level of potential also authorities son have been passing entry test for higher education by giving bribes with low level of talent then a fated man son with high level of potential include all they going to buy positions without any experience for the belonging position after graduation then  poor son with much experience for the belonging position.

Finally, the poor son has gone to school for twelve years then attended university for four years with high level of potential ; much experience for the belonging position become NIL for this reason big number of youths include some high school students confirm their death prescription with their hands accepts all risks along the way and immigrate to Europe countries though they could well develop in any profession ; become rich business man in the related career during 16 years besides it  kills his power of getting education also keep him disappointed, against of getting education for his future generation due to, they don’t let their children t to go school and support them to run business instead getting education they rather earning money.

Now add your answers down for the questions being mentioned below…

1. Do u agree “EDUCATION CREATE POVERTY” or disagree? Why?
2. Have you ever heard regret of getting education from any educated individual yet?

Thanks a lot,
Haseeb Sadat
IT –trainer of Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan boys’ high school AYC computer Lab.

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In the name of Allah.

Hello dear hopes you will fine and doing well.

Thanks from your nice issue that you shared with us and thanks from your nice questions that you asked from us.

I read your all topic it was so nice and I like it so much.

Actually Education is so important thing for all people who are rich or who are poor and learning is binding on us.

According to your first question I want to say that I am 100% agree with you only in our country not in foreign countries because when we graduate from school and we have a lot of money we can start university and can get high education but when we haven't  any money we cant prolong our education and you know that a lot of afghans are poor and poor people first cant way for university for not giving bribe and if they way to the university by luck or talent they cant prolong their education because every university has four years or more than four years to complete it and when poor people follow this who will bring money to their houses and who will give all expenditures of these people.

According to your second question I want to say that I heard from a lot of people in our nation that they regret of getting education because they are very poor and cant get high Education and they all want to go to the foreign countries illegally to make their life.

           Best regard

Attaullah [Sharifi] From Abdul Wakil AYC Lab

Actually, rich people sons admit in higher schools and higher universities in foreign countries, dear Attaullah besides, they are receiving be monthly expense from government and they have been hiring positions already after graduation.

Thanks a lot from your extra information.

                                   In The Name Of Almighty Allah

Greeting to all i wish to be fine and doing well. Dear sir welcome to us with new topic.

as you know better then me  in the world Biggest thing is Education. Education is more important for human life with out education is life little bad or passing life with out education make problems to.

i tell to those youth people who are deprive  from education. they follow the education not waste their time.  scholars says time is gold. when the time gone it will be never come again.

I am come to your key point. According to your first question i would like to say i am disagree.

and According to your second question i would like to say i am appreciate from myself i learned education because with out education how will you know your good your parents rights and etc

Hello dear teacher

Hope to you and all the members of GCEP program.

As you talked about education specially about the education create poverty. Actually I have to come to your questions:

1: Yes I am agree with you. But I have to say just in Afghanistan, Talent is not important for people. they just want money to safe theirs lives if the people were talented or not. I don't wanna say anymore about this issue because it make me so bored. No complaint will accept from our authorities.

2: Actually yes I heard. But from those people who wanna get knowledge for money and for getting job.

Thanks a lot from your nice topic that you shared with us.

If the complaints of countrymen have been accepting authorities than “Money is better than education” pessimistic opinion wasn’t extending among us dear Ahmad Bilal.

Hello dear Sir
you choose really interesting and important issue which
is much known among Afghans now days
yes,  I am by you because most of educated people are poor even after they eat dinner
then big for breakfast  their children can’t get education either to be honest I have heard
regret of getting education from a lot of educated individual an eye witness of mine a friend
of mine completed his education until bachelor and he is transferring songs to memory cards off the road now usually when I face with him he say “wish I used to run a business” .
Thanks a lot
Khalid Azami from WMGK Lab

I agree, dear Khalid
big numbers of educated individual are poor though they have such big wealth Knowledge in our country.

Hello respected Teacher
initially, let present my pleasures and honors for reading all information
about the heading education create poverty in fact it is really important issue to be discussed
for your first question, No I am disagree I just getting education for becoming personality in
the future because it is know said “the end of education is literate” educated always prefers knowledge then money.
For the second question, I agree that our country government doesn't refer to nation due to most of educated are jobless such as once up on a time I have passed along the way with a group of my classmates’ one of them said “Hey! we all crazy so go to school for 12 years then attend university for four years while a friend of mine only completed DEL for one year and now he is working in MOE for $1200” .
Thanks a lot,
Sediqullah Afghan From WMGK Lab 

Good point “the end of education is literate” dear Sediqullah
I really hope once we going agree on the concept education only for making personality.

Greeting dear Sir
like always glad to read the written information for the issue
actually you could better clarify the truth via the discussion
I am totally with you, I have seen people with P.h.D they are sailing tomatoes in the city
now days simply there is no value for learned people in afghan government .
Yeah, actually all educated regret for their education because of unemployment in the country
also the corruption in governmental organizations.
thanks a lot
Akram Jan From WMGK Lab

Hello dear respected Sir
Thanks a lot for the information has written besides the issue it was really fruitful for me
I got all of them beneficial

I agree with the concept “EDUCATION CREATE POVERTY” getting education has no good end
without difficulties in our country well learned one with bachelor degree works as municipality
employer and clean the roads because of no recommendation in the governmental organizations
for job.

In fact, once up on a time I have passed along the way to language center I have noticed three
individuals in front of mine one of them told to other “ I attended high school for twelve years
finally become nothing but a friend of mine who even can’t write his name has a lot of money plus recommendation in governmental organizations gave bribe and hired to a position in customs wish I ran a business instead going high school for 12 years”.
Thanks a lot,
Najeebullah From WMGK Lab   


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