Do you think the Consultative Peace Jirga will lead to changes in the current situation in Afghanistan?

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By the name of Allah
Hello sweet sister Ana hop to be fine and healthy with your friends and your family this is farhad faryad from technical high school I thing this jirga will bring peace in Afghanistan and friendship between the people of Afghanistan and the peace jirga will change current situation of Afghanistan
thanks allot from all .by
Hello respectable Anna!
This is siddiq saleh from abdulwakil high school.
Dear Anna in my viewpoints the Consultative peace Jirga will
Bring lots of changes.
Because of this that the taleban and also some of civilian are annoy from high-ranking authorities. Because of this that they do not a wear from each
Other and some of satin make satanic among them now they will
Aware about every thing.
Hello dear and kind Anna.
This is Khan Agha Shenwari from Technical High School
Hope to be fine and healthy

My opinion about the Consultative peace Jirga is that it was one of the ever-best act of president Hamid Karzai and a positive step toward a peaceful Afghanistan
Hello dear Anna
Wish to be fine and healthy
Osama shaker from education faculty
How a good discussion for information
Peace is a best element for the promotion of a country
For making jirga or peace the people of Afghanistan are set with each others
And they shared their idea a bout the peace
And they select some role for peace
By this bet it is acceptable for all
Hello dear Anna
Hope you are fine
This is Khan Agha Shenwari from Technical High School Of course! The consultative Jirga will really have a positive result for Afghans and Afghan government because in this Jirga our government and Taliban do reconciliation so in this case they hand in their weapons and ammunition and join our government. And all the misfortunes will remove from our country.
Hello dear Anna
Hope you be fine and healthy and going every thing well
This is asif ullah azime from Wazeer Muhammad gull khan high school
Thank you so much from your nice topic this is realty Afghanistan is the
Country of jirga if the god is wiling it well be efficient peace jirga to all people Of Afghanistan and this peace jirga well bring peace to Afghanistan
Thanks dear
Dear Anna!

I think that Consultative Peace Jirga the first possible way to bring peas for Afghanistan.
If we search our during historical subject of Afghanistan so consultative jarga is the strong part in bringing of peace.

Elias ulfat from Abdul Wakil high school.

dear Anna thinks for the new opinion
This is Muhajer shah from unvercity of Nangarhar CETC.
My opoinion is that the consulative peace jirga was very important and Afghan poeple shuld be able to togather.
If 70% taleban agree with peace jirga mabe theywere never distory Afghanistan and Afghan poeple.
thanks for all my teacher and students.
salam to all
Khalid khan - Rotary high school
i hope if the god is welling this jirga will lead to change the situation in Afghanistan , but if the participated of this jirga work with affection .
i hope yes


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