Do you think the Consultative Peace Jirga will lead to changes in the current situation in Afghanistan?

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Hello madam Anna
This is Haroon ahmadi from Abdul Wakil high school
My opinion about the Consultative peace Jirga is that it was one of the ever-best act of president Hamid Karzai and a positive step toward a peaceful Afghanistan
I have to say yes exactly this Jirga will open a way for the both government and oppositions taliban after the Jirga now some taliban are ready to deal with the government I am sure if once taliban say we are agree to sit across the table to talk with the government then in shah Allah we will be able to bring peace to Afghanistan
Haroon ahmadi from Abdul Wakil high school
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Hello dear Anna!
I wish you are fine and health
That is so nice discussion
If we glance over to the history of our country, jirga has vital role and also Jirga is traditional way to solve the problem in Afghanistan and we believe that the Peace jirag will bring peace to our country
I thank the peace Jirag can only stop the clash in our believe country and that is the only way for Afghan Government and for people
Best wishes,
Ajmal from Agriculture institute
Ajmal, did you write your comments here, too?

first of all thanks from all of you such as dear Anna
as i think this jirga will bring peace and friendship between people if a God willing
thanks from all of you
zainullah khan from Abdul wakil high school
hi once again yes we reply to that topic also i mean in that link
so thanks from all of you once again
zain ullah khan from Abdul wakil high school
have a nice day
Hello to all!
Of course! The consultative Jirga will really have a positive result for Afghans and Afghan government because in this Jirga our government and Taliban do reconciliation so in this case they hand in their weapons and ammunition and join our government. And all the misfortunes will remove from our country.
Best wishes,
Naseer Ahmad student of Abdul Wakil high school
HI Naseer,
Did you write your comments here, too?

of course Anna!
Great, thanks!!!
This is M.Fareed from Technical High School
Yes I Think this peace Jirga will be change the current situation of Afghanistan
Because our dignitary attempt to bring peace in short time because our country
Left behind 3 decade war in this time we should attempt for peace in Afghanistan
This the responsibility of every Afghans peoples I hope to this peace Jirga to
Success for Afghanistan
Thanks form you
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