Hello dear all!

I hope you all are fine,healthy and happy with your recpectable family and friends . Today I would like to share the topic about the best job interview tips and techniques to help ensure interview success, including how to practice, how to get ready, and how to answer interview questions

While you'll never be able to anticipate every question you might be asked in an interview, you can get a head start by developing strong, concise answers to commonly used questions. Most interviewers will ask similar questions like these to gain knowledge about a candidate's abilities and qualifications and compatibility with the job and the company.

1. Tell me about yourself: This is often the opening question in an interview. It's also one of the most difficult if you're not prepared. Remember, the interviewer does not want to hear about your hometown or your scrapbooking hobby.

This question calls for your one-minute commercial that summarizes your years of experience and skills and your personality in the context of the job for which you are interviewing. Get to the point and sell your professional self. Develop a few brief sentences that demonstrate you have what it takes to do the job -- experience, proven results and desire to contribute.

2. Why should we hire you?: The key to answering any question about you versus your competition is using specifics.

"Everybody is going to speak in generalities, so you need something that will make you stand out a bit," said Linda, a teacher in Springfield, Ohio. Give real examples that show them you are best-suited for the job. Linda says she would point out her achievements and accomplishments throughout her career that are relevant to the open position, as well as her experiences in dealing with different types of students and teaching situations.

Pinpoint the qualities you have that are truly valuable to the company.

3. Why do you want to work here? What do you know about our company?: Peter, a physician in Indianapolis, said that research is important in answering these questions.

"I would use this opportunity to show off what I know about the company and, more importantly, how I would fit in."

Susan, a vice president of benefits in Chicago, said that she would address issues and challenges in the company to demonstrate the depth of her knowledge.

"I usually talk about revenue, numbers of employees, and also challenges in their type of business and how my experience relates to that," she said. "I would point out things I have done in similar companies that could address their problems."

4. What are your weaknesses?: The secret to answering this question is using your weaknesses to your advantage.

"I would turn my weaknesses into strengths," said Tara, an attorney. "For example, if my weaknesses include my lack of patience I would then state that because of this, I have learned to take special measures to ensure that I remain calm and attentive."

Just make sure that you do give a real answer to this question. None of us is without faults, so don't pretend that you do not have weaknesses.

5. What did you dislike about your last job? Why did you leave your last job?: You need to be cautious about these kinds of questions and make sure you do not end up sounding bitter.

"I would never talk down about my former company, the boss, or my former co-workers," Tara said.

You need to have a good understanding about the job for which you're applying to turn this question into a positive one. It may be best to say that you really enjoyed many aspects of your job, then focus on how this new job will give you the opportunity to contribute more in a particular area that is key to the position.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?: An interviewer does not want to hear that your five-year aspiration is to be sailing in the Caribbean or working in a different industry. You need to talk about goals you have that relate to the job. This will demonstrate that you understand the industry, the company and are motivated to succeed there.

Susan, the director of public relations at a major car rental company, said she would keep her answer specific to her field, such as stating that she sees herself as a vice president of corporate communications.

Preparation is the key to answering any question with poise and confidence. Always keep in mind -- whatever the question is -- that the interviewer is trying to uncover if you are a good fit and can make a positive contribution in the job.


 Have you ever had job interview ? briefly explain it !

 What are the other common interview questions ?




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Hello dear brother

Hope to be fine and having great time with your family and friends!

Yes, the information you share with us is so useful for us it will make good interview for us in the future and we should learn these questions and apply it on our self. According to your first question No I never had a job interview inshallah in the future we will have. According to your second question I will tell you truth I don’t know the other interview question but I will learn the other interview question.

Thank you so much

Ebadullah Amiri Shaheed M Arif AYC 

Thank you Ebadullah,

I hope that when you are going to take a job interview in subsequent these questions should implemented on yourself . There are a lot of interview questions it doesn't mean these questions will be 100 percent asked in interviews. There are Other possible types of questions that may be asked alongside structured interview questions or in a separate interview include: background questions, job knowledge questions, and puzzle type questions.

Tamim saadat( Isteqlal AYC)

Hello Tamim brother

I hope you fine and have a good time with your friend

Thanks for your nice interview that you share with us

This is an interesting interview that you share

 And I have never had an interview and when I have a interview these six thing I will be apply it in my interview. And I never confronting like this interview and these six thing.

And this interview show as a lot of thing that happen in when we have an interview. And when I have interview I will be apply/add these thing in my interview. And my live I never see this interview and I don’t in front it

And these six thing I will be learn for my future live. And this is a very important for a person to learn these thing and apply it in her live.

And that is also important for who to he/she have interview and he/she have responsibility to apply it in her/his speaking.


Hijratullah Muslim shaheed M arif AYC

Thank you dear Hijratullah!

Exactly, these are the possible questions of a job interview. I hope you will be successful by applying these questions on yourself. so there are many other questions as well.
Would you like to tell me what are the other possible questions of interview ?
At first thank you very much for sharing this very crucial topic with us that we must learn and be ready for probable interview in the future.
I haven’t had any interview yet but I probably will have in the future so I want to learn every important tip about interview, I will write down some DOES and DON’TS and a few question about an interview.
• Tell a difficult situation you were face and how you dealt with it.
• Tell me about a time you were confronted with an unpleasant customer and how you dealt with it.
• What is your greatest achievement?
• What are your strengths? And many more
• Don’t be late.
• Don’t wear your outer clothes into an interview
• Don’t wear sunglasses.
• Don’t keep adjusting your clothes.
• Don’t fiddle with your hair.
• Don’t use a lot of slang.
• Don’t gush
• Don’t give one and two words answer. And many more.
• Do make sure your hands are attractive, it means spotlessly clean with trimmed nails
• Do make sure your hairs are in place and conservative
• Dom pay attention to your scent
• Do get a good night sleep before interview
• Do look the interviewer in eye
• Do smile. And many more
Thank you brother Fazalkhaliq for sharing such information regarding DOS and DON'TS of job interview . you mentioned that don't be late in job interview . This one of the problem that you should take it serious , Many candidates come late for job interviews. I have to say that candidates have to reach the place of interview before the given time at least 20 minutes early so that you become ready for interview according to environment and can follow proper directions.
So now you tell me what are the worst job interview questions?

Hello dear brother
I hope you are fine and healthy
According to your questions I have never had any interview yet thanks a lot for your information we apply these 6 questions in our live inshaullah in near time I will give an interview in course for teaching I will check these information. We must give best response for these questions these questions will help us for passing in the interview because all of the people want to get best result in the interview or my message for those people that they want to give interview they must apply these information in his speaks inshaullah they will become pass in his interview.
Thanks a lot for your wonderful interview
Ibrar Shaheed M Arif AYC

Hello brother Ibrar,
I would like to tell you one thing that if you legalise these questions, you will succeed in interview inshallah but these are not enough questions of interviews there are other important questions as well to be perused like:If you would start over in your job, what would you do? So you have to tell about your plan that you will do for the company that you applied. So now you tell me brother what are some good questions to ask in an informational interview with a startup?

Tamim Saadat( Isteqlal AYC)

Hello dear bro wish you doing well in be healthy thanks

form your nice questions we must have more information about this topic if we don’t have we must learn from experience people who had job interview before and no dear bro I did not had job interview but I know that how to have job interview first of all I want to say that if you enter to any proper place you must learn proper word and talking if we use common words they will say he don’t know about something and the second common questions which ask from us its asking about name qualification and job experience other common questions like why you want to join this job


For our best interview we must keep these thing in our mind which I mention






  (((((((  Imran,khan  , Shaheed ,   M  , Arif  , AYC  ))))))))

Many appreciate brother Imaran for your great information , of course you can find out about interview form people who took interview before they will give you enough information because they have been for interview or you can also research for it in internet you will seek more information about interview . So which question is easy for you from above mentioned questions ?

Tamim Saadat(Isteqlal AYC)

Hello Dear brother!

I hope you are fine and have happy and healthy life with your family and friends.

So thanks for your information that you shared with us this is really useful and I hope that everyone learn something from this.

According to your first question I want to say:

No I never had an interview for job because I am in school and my father don’t allow me to did job.

And according to another question: I think this question will ask How do you handle stress and pressure?


Tariq Khan Shaheed M Arif AYC

My pleasure brother Tariq ,

you are a student so you should concentrate on your studies rather than job. In subsequent when you are going to get opportunity for job then remember to legalize these questions for you job interview. So now you tell me which question is hard for you from above mentioned questions ?

Tamim Saadat(Isteqlal AYC)


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