10 Steps to start a Business While Having a Full-Time Jobs

All over the globe, a large number of people are starting businesses each month while pursuing a full-time job. Most of the people want to become an entrepreneur and make their dreams come true. There is a growing number of young entrepreneurs who have already begun to work for themselves. About 700,000 new businesses are founded each year.

Do you have a desire to become your own boss too? Are you thinking of reinventing yourself? The main benefit of starting the business while having a full-time job is that you can always have security, backup, extra income, and more benefits. As stepping your foot as an entrepreneur is a bit risky, you can choose to stay with your current job to be on the safer side. Several numbers of potential entrepreneurs’ consider the idea of commencing their business while holding their full-time jobs. Sole entrepreneurs are growing their small business run into millions. A small idea has changed their life. With valuable online learning opportunities available, people are picking up new conception and creating powerful skills. To start a business one must always remember the following key factors





Now, before starting a business, we need to know how to start a business. Everyone requires tips to start a business, to carry it effectively and efficiently. 10 Steps to Start a Business While doing a Full-time Job

1. Do the Commitment Victory comes to those who are committed to their work. You require smart decision making and the right attitude. You have to continue to take tough decisions, and sometimes you have to manage stress too. When it comes to commitment, there is no shortcut. As an entrepreneur, being committed to the goal and objective of your business is the key to enhancing your business to next level. If you are not wholly committed to your business goals, it would be difficult to make advancement. You have to be acutely aware of all the activities and commitments during your week, and try to take out sufficient time for your new project to make it successful.

2. . Know your ideas and skills You must possess required skills to implement and execute your business idea. You must have knowledge of few of the necessary factors to run your industry. And if you do not acquire those skills, before moving a step further you must learn those skills and then take a valuable decision. For instance, your business idea needs you to communicate with foreign clients. In that scenario, a good knowledge of foreign language is required to run a business. There are several ways listed on the internet to learn a language online. Suppose you are looking forward to learning the French language you can simply learn the language by Skype from professional tutors.You can learn language even from the comforts of your home at https://preply.com/en/skype/french-tutors. You can discover both your strength and weakness, and match up your skills and ideas to gain an advantage on your business. You can acquire other skills to if you have a learning mindset.

3. Authenticate your Business Idea When you have developed an idea, researching it will become essential. It will help you to ascertain the demand of your product and services and give an idea about your competitors. Lack of market need can sometimes be a reason behind failure of your business. At your planning stage you need to validate your business idea. You can validate your business idea with





◾Competitor Follow

◾Following Market Trends

4. Competitive Advantage Your Competitive Advantage is something that will set your business apart from your competition. It highlights the advantages a client receives when they do business with you. Competitive Advantage needs to recognize a target audience and their needs, developing and providing a finest quality priced product or service and performing better than anyone else. Creating Competitive Advantage will help you in

◾Better understanding of Industry

◾Stronger action plan

◾Increased chances of success

◾Ease of communing goals

5.. Set Realistic Targets Setting realistic targets for your business can have a major impact on your business. When you do not set attainable and realistic targets for yourself, you can never meet the goals. You are going to spend a lot of time and energy. It is advisable to set small goals, could be daily, weekly, and monthly goals instead of directly setting up a big primary goal for entire year. The constant check and accountability can help you in achieving long-term and short-term targets.

6. Plan Everything If you are scheduling to start a business, you need to make it a passion. The planning process includes the steps needed to construct the company till launching the product. The steps have to be in a rational order. Planning helps an entrepreneur in deciding what he will be able to do, and when he needs extra inspiration. You can determine the level of success with your business. A well-researched business plan is a road to success. It will let you know everything in detailed manner. A complete roadmap and architecture of your business plan will include

◾Business description

◾Operations plan

◾Executive summary

◾Marketing plan

◾Financial plan

7. Outsource your Weaknesses You can look for the opportunities to outsource the parts of your business activities. If you are an entrepreneur, you desire to take your own decisions, plan your targets, roadmap, and understand your product strategy and many more. You ought to ponder more on your strong points, and outsource your weaknesses. Each one of us has the prospective to succeed as an entrepreneur. Being loyal about what you can do and what you cannot do is the primary step towards accomplishment. So analyze where you excel and where you need a help. You can outsource a lot of tasks like marketing, data entry, graphic designing etc. which may consume a lot of your precious time. There are websites like upwork, guru, peopleperhour where you can find a lot of freelancers for outsourcing your work.

8. Seek Feedback The main objective of the business is to create a product or service that provides value to individuals. Feedback is imperative to know about how your product is providing value to its customers. How your clients react to your product can assure you that end product is something that fulfils the customer needs. To know about the feedback early, you can independently form groups of target people who can provide you honest opinion. You ought to be frequently in touch with them to have truthful and direct opinion. The group can consist of your entrepreneurial friends, and mentors or the real audience. Customer feedback can help you to ascertain and perk up customer satisfaction, and can provide you valuable insights from your clients how you can improve your service or product. You can also get feedback from target audience on social media channels like: ◾Facebook groups



◾Google Plus…

9. Do not Neglect your Full-Time Job There will be a great excitement of starting a business, but you should never neglect your full-time job. You must plan to balance the time you spend away from the office on your new endeavor. Do not let your business activities adversely impact your duties towards your job. You should sustain high-quality performance at your job. If you have a long daily travel, you can talk to your boss to allow you to work from home for some time. While working from home, you can put your travel time to more productive and efficient use in order to create a successful venture. Try not to feel pressurized due to time constraints. Avoid using your employers’ PCs, networks, and office machines for your startup. You should strive to create a healthy balance of job and devote time to your business.

10. Do not Overburden Yourself Working full-time and doing business at the same time can put stress on your mind and strain to your time. You may most often face a situation when you have a lot to do in a limited time. Do not stress and strain yourself or else you could burn out working exceptionally hard. You have to be relaxed and calm. After coming home from your job, try to have some free time to get relaxed. Do not immediately start working on your new venture. Too much of anxiety can deteriorate your health and also can have an adverse effect on your personal relationships. Take out some time to meditate and getting more relaxed. Try to maintain a balance between work, business, and personal relations. Starting your business can be a challenging task while working full-time. Balancing your business, job, personal life needs dedication, determination, and hard work. The above ten steps will guide you to be successful in your new venture.

Farid Ahmad Mohammadzai

World Service Round Helper of

(IPD-DD) International Peace Developments

with Diferent Departments

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Thanks a lot Mr. Mohammadzai:

          I thank I will thanks once again for you long discussion in this regard, I read you whole paragraphs related to starting business, actually you pointed the most crucial points for those who has interest to be new business man in the future. real I also recommend the one point in every manner that is, the strong decision in life carrier. If every one has strong decision for starting of any hard work. I think he/she will never failed in life. every thing needs to be accomplished, there is no space for impossibility. the other important points is the complete and accurate plan for the future, it will play the key role for business or any other job. systematic steps toward the future will be based on the future plan.I think there will be more steps of successful business than the above, but I mentioned my won view.


Abdul Rasheed "Fanakzai" 

Agriculture AYC IT Trainer.

Mr. Abdul Rasheed "Fanakzai" A youth like you is the proud of our courntry which working for developments and researching for informations of scucessful setps.

I am 100% agree with you that they are more steps of successful business than the above. Case I share this to engare our youths for hand to world by this small steps.


Hello dear sir,

I hope to you have good time.

Thanks from your nice topic to share with us I hope you will share good topic in the future with us. Business is very good job and also every person cannot do it because it is not easy job when a person want to make a big business man he must have good behavior with every person. I like business late not more because it is so very hard and every person don’t do it, those they are rich they do the business and they cannot do every jobs.

Have a best time and best luck.

Thank you,



Mr. Irfanullah I really appricate your thought about when a person want to make a big business he must have good behavior with every person.

for sure I will trying my best to creat some meaningful ideas to hand our community with world and this is the responsibalities of youths like you just research for success learning and never loss your hope.

In the name of Allah
Hello dear sir, I hope that your fine and doing well, thank you from your important and nice issue which you shared for us.
It is great so every guy should achieve any job, like every job but there are deference of jobs like educated job uneducated job but I think we can get a good job by having of education never education we can not get good job,
Business is also a job we can it by great education, there are a lot of kind of business like business of cars business of food and deferent another’s, so when we pass in our own job? We can get importance and improvement by honest, my massage to all of guys should yours select honesty in your busbiees.
Thanks any way
Samsoor khan from nasrat AYC computer lab

Samsoor Khan I would like to say for every kind of job we need education case with education we can creat the development sorcess of future activities.

In every goal of mission you can get improvment with honesty and researching for succss developments of plan.

Hello dear sir

I hope you fine and healthy

 Starting a business is exciting but also demanding. This how to start a business guide addresses some of the most common startup steps to ensure that your company is ready for success.

1. An important first step is preparing a business plan to define your business, products and services, and outline your goals, operating procedures and competition. If your company needs funding from a traditional loan or venture capitalists, a business plan will be required. Make sure your plan includes a marketing approach, so people are aware of what you're selling and how to find you.

2. Create a business logo, cards and stationery. These items establish your company’s identity and help potential customers find and remember you.

If this sounds like you; if you have an idea, but no idea what to do with it, we’ve put together the first 10 steps you need to take in starting a business to help give you some guidance. They are:

1.Have a workable idea.

2.Come up with a name.

3.Identify your customers.

4.Build your website.

5.Craft your message.

6.Work out your sales platform.

7.Plan your marketing.

8.Get on social media.

9.Sort out the legal and financial stuff.

10. Write a business plan.

Thanks a lot of great topic



Hello dear bother,

I wish that you have good time and be safe and sound with your kind family and friends. Thank you so much from your nice and interesting issue that you have shared with us. That being said, I’m willing to take my time in fully vetting an idea, discovering my target market and testing that idea with them, before making the solo decision that ‘this must be great!’Having the time to continue thinking things through and seeking the advice of others will greatly benefit your new side business. Even more importantly, unless you’re working on a high-growth startup and can secure investor funding, you’re realistically going to need some form of sustainable income before your new business is able to be that sole source of sustenance for you. Starting a side business while working a full-time job will undoubtedly be difficult, but it’s doable. There are as many paths to free enterprise as there are entrepreneurs in this world. Take these steps into account and you’ll be well on your way to being your own boss. Imagine that awesome feeling.  


Abdul Wasi Amin from Technical AYC

Mr. Abdul Wasi when you have full-time job with side business then how can you communicate with problems? And what do you think about job with profit business and non-profit business?

Hello dear,
This is very good subject
keep your day job and your moonlighting or side gig completely separate, and be ready to sacrifice virtually all time with family, friends, hobbies, etc. in order to devote the necessary efforts and resources to launch your new business.

There are many kinds of work that require only a phone and computer, but if our day job has you sitting in a cubicle all day, we might prefer a side business that gets you out into the world. Weekend and evening side business possibilities might include catering services, musical or stand-up comedy gigs, handyman repair, painting, or yardwork, cleaning services, personal shopper services, farm-to-market gardening, fitness coaching, direct selling, events management, and virtually any parttime business associated with entertainment or recreation.

First,we should make sure your side business is not poaching from or competing with our current day job employer. This will be a lot easier to maintain if our side business is in a completely different line of work or utilizes a different set of work activities than the one your employer depends on you to perform, but if we are truly in a potentially overlapping space,we might think of a way to differentiate to create an absolutely clear non-compete situation. Whatever we do, never, ever use our current day job employer’s resources or personnel to support our side business. Consider using a time-tracker app, not just for billing ourr side gig clients but also so that we can prove we have been completely “off the clock” when doing side business work, in case we are ever challenged on this topic by our day job employer.

great information Tamim!

what is the meaning of independently business between non-profit and probfit busniess? And which responsibalities have the rolling of a country developments? Full time job with non-profit ORG or Business.

Many appreciate brother Farid Ahmad Mohammadzia!

Thank once again for your feedback, and especially for asking such a great and hard questions regarding meaning of independently business between non-profit and profit business but I am willing to answer. An independent business is a business that is free from outside control. It usually means a privately owned establishment companies, as opposed to a public limited company, the latter of which is owned by investment shares traded in the stock market. In many cases, independent businesses are sole proprietorship,companies. Profit or normal profit is a component of (implicit) costs and not a component of business profit at all. It represents the opportunity cost, as the time that the owner spends running the firm could be spent on running a different firm. The enterprise component of normal profit is thus the profit that a business owner considers necessary to make running the business worth his or her while, i.e., it is comparable to the next-best amount the entrepreneur could earn doing another job. Particularly if enterprise is not included as a factor of production, it can also be viewed a return to capital for investors including the entrepreneur, equivalent to the return the capital owner could have expected (in a safe investment), plus compensation for risk.In other words, the cost of normal profit varies both within and across industries; it is commensurate with the riskiness associated with each type of investment, per the risk-return spectrum.Only normal profits arise in circumstances of perfect competition when long-run economic equilibrium is reached; there is no incentive for firms to either enter or leave the industry.
And a nonprofit is a business that first does not return a profit to shareholders or any individual based on revenues, and second performs some sort of community service or value to a community or group of people. Non-Profits in the United States do not pay Federal taxes on their revenues; but do pay a number of other taxes depending on the type of organization.In a nonprofit corporation Income cannot personally benefit any individual, as it does in a profit-driven corporation.Salaries are not considered personal benefits because they are necessary for operation of the corporation However, an excessive salary may cause a corporation to lose its nonprofit status.No one owns a nonprofit organization in the way that shareholders own a for-profit corporation. The typical nonprofit organization is a corporation controlled by a board of directors. The board of directors elects officers who conduct the day-to-day business operations of the organization.Many organizations qualify for nonprofit status under various definitions and can include everything from churches to sports leagues and public interest law firms.
according to your second question ... According to mean it is business which paly important role in developing of a country.The economic growth of a country is produced by business. Business provides services, goods and incomes for both, employees and business holders.

The development of a country is sustained by multinational corporations, medium and small sized businesses. This development is usually perceived as being supported by the multinational corporations, but mostly the family businesses and individual entrepreneurs are the greatest contributors to this development.
While small size, local businesses are of great importance in the development of a country, offering an income to the majority of people, the multinational corporations are of great importance in global economy. Many multinational corporations rely on local small size business through outsourcing and not all small businesses remain at this level. They could grow and while growing, the local economy is stimulated, because the headquarter of a company which has developed, will not change the location and community.


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